5 ways to make a fidget spinner at home

5 ways to make a fidget spinner at home

Of 2017, you hardly know what the hand spinner is, and the toy called hand spinner has been a craze in the world and so many people say that they feel surprised when the toy has achieved big success in a short time. Virtually, the hand spinner is just a simpler device than any other toy ( such as a stress ball, a toy car and so forth).
In general, the small object costs $ 15 and $ 30, on average, but if the device is equipped with LED light and some personalized patterns, it will a little dear. In addition, if the object is made of some good quality materials, it will also more experience than others common toys. If you don’t like buying one from online stores, you can do it yourself. Some useful videos as follow:
With cardboard, straw, discs
May Furtado’s tutorial takes advantage of materials you probably already have at home. Check here how to do it.
From origami
Yes, you can make an origami spinner! The Basteln mit Papier video already has more than 5 million views. Learn here.
Bottle Caps
Camilla Amaral taught a way to assemble the toy with bottle caps. And you can customize it!
With skateboard and barrel bearing
Iberê Thenório, from the World Handbook channel, taught a way to make the hand spinners with PVC skate and roller bearing. Although the tutorial is a bit more work than others on YouTube, the result is very good: the youtube Spinner is running for 43 seconds.

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