A big hit in the whole world!

A big hit in the whole world!

Announcement of real start of mysterious toy “hand spinner” “Nippon Hand Spinner Club”
Japan Hand Spinner Club (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Tomoya Yamamoto) was established on March 31, 2017 to spread the hand spinner to Japan more than ever “Japan Hand Spinner Club” , Activities started full-scale in order to respond to the explosive hit of “Hand Spinner” in Japan.
About Activities
In our club, we are doing efforts to tell “How to choose recommended hand spinner” and “How to distinguish inferior goods” for beginners “hand spinner”.
I ordered the hand spinner which is popular all over the world from all over the world, photographed the rotation time for each product using animation, and reviewed the features such as material and weight within the official website of Nippon Hand Spinner Club We are.
We are doing detailed commentary on the roots until the hand spinner is born, any way of playing with the hand spinner, the charm of the hand spinner, etc. We are doing correspondence correspondence to each mass media.
As Japan Hand Spinner Club, what kind of development will you develop in the hand spinner industry now? And what kind of things are required? We do research not only by turning, but also how to apply hand spinner in the next step, every day.
For those who “do not know what to choose” among a number of hand spinners, we can spin test more than 100 in our club and even beginners with hand spinners can feel the appeal of hand spinners ” Only hand spinner “carefully selected and offered.
In future we plan to sell original hand spinner OEM and original hand spinner original products in June, 2017.
Japan’s first female exclusive hand spinner appeared.
On May 15, 2017, by releasing ‘Triple Heart’, the first women’s hand spinner in Japan, more female hand spinner love favorite by utilizing cute design hand spinner that female can also feel free to play We believe that we can support our home.

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