A hand spinner revolves around Reunion Island

A hand spinner revolves around Reunion Island

The little hand spinner that you’ve certainly heard about or played with it. Fidget spinners are also rather popular among people in Reunion Island. Generally speaking, the hand spinner is priced at 5-30 euros, so many children can buy this little spinning toy. If American Catherine Hettinger had not suffered from myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease that causes persistent muscle weakness, the hand spinner might never have existed and we might never have this cute hand spinner.
In fact, many people argue that this toy can be used to combat some mental disease, including ADHD, autism, stress and so forth. For students and parents, they favor that the toy can help a child with getting rid of distraction and improve child’s ability to focus on one task so as to enhance efficiency. But, for experts and doctors, they think that the fidget spinner has limited power, and it can help children to alleviate some mental disorders, instead of eliminating these disease. Some serious accidents also happened when some children spin the little toy. It is reported that a 10-year-old American girl, Britton Joniec, had choked due to swallowed a hand spinner. So, parents and little kids should think hard about the hand spinner before acquiring it.
Fidget spinner toys also been banned from schools across the America, partly because some teachers think that this toy will worsen distraction of students, rather than addressing this problem. Still, blades or arms of a hand spinner are so sharp, which maybe injure some students.
In Reunion Island, no prohibition measures have yet been taken in schools. But the government will take actions to cope with these some accidents that arise from hand spinner.

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