A magazine on hand spinner

A magazine on hand spinner

Because we never finished talking about it, here is the first magazine dedicated to the hand spinner.
How did we finish talking about it? You must be mistaken, the subject is so vast! We do not even present the hand spinner, which seems for a few weeks to stay at the top of the top of all time if you want to be young and cool. Putaclic factor on Youtube, and creator of undisputed swag in recreational courses, the hand spinner went through all the stages of the hype object. After being banned in schools, having been the subject of crazy competitions and records, and getting his place on Google, here we are exploiting the hand spinner in a whole new form. A completely new product, a magazine goes out on the subject.
This idea came from the Tournon group, which publishes many children’s magazines, such as LEGO or Playmobile officials, or titles from its own creation, such as Manga Kids or MK Parade. The company is launching its first periodical on duhand spinner, which will be released in early July.
In the program ? Whether from the unpublished, with the origin of the spinners, or even great tips of pro to turn the object like a true one. We also talk about Ben Ten, we do not know why, but we talk about it. Who knows, a hand spinner will perhaps replace the kid’s watch?

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