A technology teacher uses the hand spinner to motivate his students

A technology teacher uses the hand spinner to motivate his students

He is everywhere, in every hand, every head. Even Sébastien Baloup, a tech professor at the Lavoisier school campus. The hand spinner is the unavoidable object for a few weeks.
If his colleagues and supervisors hunt in the schools, he uses them to attract the attention of his students. And it works. “They’re playing the game. Some people were not too keen on techno. This project allows us to recover a part that had let go, “said the new teacher.
This object is the central theme of its course. Everything revolves around the hand spinner, from design to realization, to modeling and promotion of the object. “It’s part of the program, it’s a good cross-cutting issue. They make the sketch, fulfill the specifications. Then they sell me their project. A selection is made and we model the hand spinner … “And then, there will be only to print it in 3D.
Reconverted prof after 17 years in the industry
And for that, the students can count on their teacher, passionate about the question. Sébastien Baloup is an expert in the field. He even animates a channel Youtube (Bricoloup) on which he realizes especially the direct during which he makes win hand spinners.
In the classroom, 3D printers are waiting for the next programming, students expect the sketch of the perfect hand spinner. “In this game, the girls bring their creativity, new interesting shapes and the working groups exchange between them. It works… ”
The bet is won for this contractual teacher native of Périgord, the economic license of an asbestos removal company, which took a new start in October in Auchel. After seventeen years of acting in the industry, he is now facing teenage boys: “Sure, it’s a bazaar, but I love it. Two, three hours of classes and I’m exhausted as if I had done my ten hours as before. ”
During the recess, his door is open. The students come to see the latest creations or to find the hand spinner they won during the last live on the Internet of their “Bricoloup” of teacher.

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