A toy ‘relax toys’ for children

A toy ‘relax toys’ for children

A toy called “Fidget Spinner” (Finger Spinner, hand spinner in Japan) “that is prevalent in the United States has become a topic on Twitter. It is showing signs of becoming prevalent in Japan, and it is already being sold as a variety goods at Tokyu Hands in Tokyo and electronics mass merchandisers.

Even if you say a toy, you just turn around the bearings in the middle and do not do anything with this, just play with your fingers and turn. How did it come together in what kind of circumstances? It was not an adult ‘s killing time toy.

A toy 'relax toys' for children image 1

A toy ‘relax toys’ for children image 1

At the department of the Tokyu Hands Shinjuku store selling Fijet Spinner, there is a pop called “Adult Relaxation Toy”, which is explained as “a time-killing tool”. There was also described in the instruction included in the item being sold “I’m not going to do anything” or “I will not do anything besides playing with my fingers.”

YouTube can only see foreigners making their own exteriors, but still only turning. What on earth is it for? The answer turned out to be meaningful in an article on the online version of the English paper “Guardian” on May 5, 2017 (local time). It was said that the mother was a toy made in the early 1990s for the daughter of the incurable disease “myasthenia disease”. The newspaper also interviewed Katherine Hetcher who is a developer and the girl who was 7 years old at that time could not move the ordinary toy with his or her hands, so he can play with just fingers. It is said that he developed a spinner.

Myasthenia gravis is a disease that is designated as difficult-to-treat in Japan, the muscle strength of the whole body is lowered. It is known that it is an “autoimmune disease” in which muscle is destroyed by its own antibody, and treatment is established, but the cause of onset is unknown and sudden onset. Although it seems that it is quite a serious illness when you can not play with ordinary toys, when you interviewed the “nationwide myasthenia disease friends association” where J – CAST health care is a patient organization, the person in charge inquired about “3 to 5 years old Although there is a peak onset in early childhood, only severe patients who only move their fingers are rare “was obtained.

“For children, the symptoms that the eyelid becomes difficult to move are often heard, the symptoms are mainly such that the eyelids do not move even in adults, and the arms tired easily”

If you leave without treatment, you gradually progress from the eyelid and arm, gradually move, the whole body can not move, respiratory muscle movements decrease, dyspnea and others become severe.

A toy 'relax toys' for children image 2

A toy ‘relax toys’ for children image 2

“Because the treatment is established, it will be cured by early treatment. If it develops as a child, it may recur after becoming an adult, but it is still possible to treat it.”

Treatment is possible but symptoms and troubles also …  The person in charge told me that he knew for the first time the existence of the fijet spinner, but since there are many symptoms that the eyelids are hanging down, glasses and tapes with an arm for lifting eyelids are sold as a tool for patients It says that.

“In addition to eyelids, some patients suffer from being misunderstood that the facial muscles are difficult to move and become irresponsive, and that they are becoming tired easily although there is no change in appearance, such as” Sorcery Disease ”  According to the intractable information center, the number of patients in the nationwide survey in 2006 is 15,500, but the number of persons in charge has increased to 23,000 now. However, it is said that it has not confirmed whether the number of onset is increasing or whether diagnosis accuracy has improved and is increasing. By the way, Mr. Hetcher, who is a developer of Fijet Spinner, does not currently have a patent, and no matter how trendy it is, it is not at all profitable. However, he told the Guardian newsletter that he was satisfied with the current epidemic and said, “It is understood that it was developed for children with myasthenia gravis, and it will be useful as a tool to relieve people’s stress” .

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