Because of the Hand spinners, Yiwu mould city famous all over the world

Because of the Hand spinners, Yiwu mould city famous all over the world

Yiwu mold city lies in the town of yiwu, about half an hour’s drive from the city. In the second half of last year, in line with the comprehensive improvement of yiwu small scattered “low” industry, yiwu city of mold cleared a site built small hatch garden, a place to house the original mould enterprises, the city formed the mold first “small world” in the city. Yesterday, the reporter learns from yiwu city of mold, the “small world”, there is a big energy in January to April, small micro hatcheries turnover of 32.6 million yuan, hatcheries manage an individual turnover year-on-year growth of 20% ~ 50%.

Crowding effect

Get the dividend from the “finger spinner”

This year early 30 s Zheng Houjun is boss jun hao mould material, at the end of last year, he put the mold shop in yiwu yiwu qi jiguang road mould small micro incubation park in the city. For half a year, he experienced the benefits of “collective life.”

“I shop main production mold making use of the steel plate, my upstream is tons of mould steel, the downstream is mould processing enterprises. In the past, I have to go to the mold city back to the store and processing of tons of steel for mould made of steel plate, and then send steel mould clients in town.” “Now it’s like swallows taking mud and wasting too much time on the road,” zheng said.

In exchange, the business circle of zheng houjun has changed. “The benefits of industry clustering are so great that I can now get a list without going out, and sharing the dividends of the finger spinners.” Zheng told reporters that because the finger spinners of the machine was being processed, there was a steady stream of companies coming to the door to customize the die plate in March. Sometimes, a day comes down to make steel plate processing for the tip of the top, and 30 sets of steel plates are coming out of the peak. Zheng described the small garden as a magical place, with long lines and long lines.

According to the knowledge, in yiwu mold city, there are many business owners like zheng houjun, who share the market dividends from the finger spinner. As of the beginning of may, yiwu moulding city was engaged in the processing of the finger spinner of the mould, the operating household of the processing of the molds of the tip has more than 100 households, and the sales of the finished goods sold over 20 households. Gyro body mold sales turnover of more than 2000 2000 yuan over the gyro products sales total turnover of more than 5000 5000 yuan, the mould price also from the original 8000 yuan a pair of up to 25000 yuan a pair.

New projects are coming out

Construction of the mold and technology trading center started in August

The development of yiwu market development group has seen more promising prospects in the mould industry. This year, the market group has been working together to the second phase of the project in shangxi government, and another “small world” is aiming at “science and technology promotion”.

The project is based on the first phase of the mold city and extends in the southeast. The total area of the project is 85 mu, of which the market land is 78 mu, the green land and the road land are seven mu, the project total investment 200 million yuan. The project focuses on building a complete industrial chain, scientific planning, and rational layout. Project is mainly divided into high-end supporting mold industrial park, mold industrial park, science and technology innovation zone, standard workshop, machinery and equipment trade exhibition center, life supporting service six major functional areas. In addition, the project will also provide functional perfect public service platform, investment structures, the mould test center, die mold information center, exhibition center, mold industry training service center and other public service platform. At present, the trading center of science and technology project engineering design and preliminary land GuaPai, land leveling and other work has been completed, the program started in August and implementation projects by the end of the main body and the top.

According to introducing, the early stage of the project investment research is underway, plans to introduce domestic mould industry advanced enterprises, large statistical issue market operation to expand upgrade requirements, at the same time complementary industry scarce module, improve the supporting design, research and development, manufacturing, processing, and industrial chain of each link.


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