Between thumb and forefinger: Hand Spinner

Between thumb and forefinger: Hand Spinner

May 2017 marks a date in the history of playful consumerism. As with the studious hives, there is a novel buzz today in recreational classes: the soft snoring of the Hand Spinner or Fidget Spinner. The “spinning top” or “spinning top” rotates the heads of small and big. If she gently hypnotizes her followers in short panties and skirts, more than once, she irritates the teachers who banish them from the classroom or outright prohibit them in the school space as in certain North American establishments. Children should not swallow the hand toothpick.

Soothe … channel through kinetic power

The inventor of American Catherine Hettinger abandons her patent for lack of money in 2005. After that, thousands upon thousands of hand spinners have been copied in China and sold out the market in the world. The little toy often out of stock because its popularity.

Between thumb and forefinger Hand Spinner image 1

Between thumb and forefinger Hand Spinner image 1

This portable object of a new childish and democratic passion would have been originally conceived for therapeutic purposes to channel the energy and concentrate the galloping attention of hyperactive or autistic children – or even appease agitated adults.

The Batman Boomerang

Made of stainless steel, brass, plastic, copper, wood or even titanium, the handmade router is sometimes bright with its light-emitting diode which can lacerate the darkness.

Monochrome, “cosmos”, zebra or mottled, chrome, dark, inlaid or spangled, it is machined to attract the eye. It is composed of a rotary bearing for the fingers at its center, which enables the centrifuge to rotate very rapidly by means of ball bearings, whose equal mass guarantees the equilibrium of the system. The ball bearing is made of metal, ceramic or hybrid materials. If the metal is silent, it rotates shorter than the noisy ceramic.

Lubrication and dedusting of the ball bearings improve their rotary performance. Around the rotary or centrifugal bearing radiate on one or several planes two, three or five weighted branches. The common model is a handmade tooth with three helices of rounded shape but sometimes as sharp as a cutlass. With two branches, the spinning tops evoke Batman’s boomerang!

Around the world in seconds

As the thousands of online demo videos teach, using the “spinning top” means placing the center between the thumb and forefinger in order to spin it as long as possible but at least one minute. Specific to the material used, the resulting subtle vibrations fuel the sensory appeal of the kinetic power of the hand router.

Between thumb and forefinger Hand Spinner image 2

Between thumb and forefinger Hand Spinner image 2

It induces the micro exploit!

The neophyte brandishes the quivering top at the end of the triumphant index. Sometimes – the spinning top in maximum rotation – it changes hands or performs the “round the world” in a few seconds, because it causes a revolution around his body, like the translation of the Earth around the sun. The virtuoso, as for him, does not hesitate to turn it on the forehead, at the end of the nose or at the end of a stick!

The Battle of the Flying Saucers

Other players organize hand-held spinning jousts by clashing them like flying and fierce flying saucers! Some champions – it is said on the preals – would have managed to turn with a single index flick a top … for six minutes, even ten! After watching its rise in speed, it is enjoyable to observe the slow deceleration of the hand top … until its sepulchral immobility.

Scrutinizing the dynamics of the hand tooth soothes the inner life. Is the growing fascination for the harmonious and gently throbbing rotation of the spinning top sublimates the fear generated by our world which is turning more and more chaotically on the planetary axis of innumerable disturbances and imbalances? Perhaps. However, it is not certain that the planetary enthusiasm for the hand towel survives the coming summer.

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