You cannot afford iphone 8?

You cannot afford iphone 8?

As we all know, the iPhone has created an enthusiasm in the world and has become an indispensable part of our everyday’s life. People will flood into the store to buy a newly-released phone once it has been launched. Even in China, some young people will try their best to get the latest iPhone, attempting to sell their own kidneys. That sounds so crazy and unbelievable. Every time, the latest iPhone will create sustainable global fashion, influencing tens of thousand people. Some rumors suggest that the iphone will be released between September and October, creating a new iphone fashion again.
According to some rumors, iphone 8 is characterized by a high price, wireless charge, OLED display and so forth. Suffice to say, compared with previous phones, the new phone have a better performance and more advanced components. In addition, the emergence of iphone is also used to mark the 10th of anniversary of Apple Company, and brings the Smartphone to a new level.

You cannot afford iphone 8 image 1

You cannot afford iPhone 8 image 1

Some rumors are underway on iPhone 8, one of which is the price. In general, the iPhone is priced at $369-$769, but this iPhone 8 perhaps reaches over $1000. In my opinion, it is a little expensive for me, but for iPhone fans, it is no matter. But honestly speaking, the iPhone 8 is virtually a good one.
OLED Display
Most of the iPhones have LED display, and now some rumors suggest that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with OLED display which is initially adopted in Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. This display outperforms the LED display, which has a colorful and bright screen. What’ more, it can consume less energy and prolong its service life.
Wireless Charge
Some rumors suggest that the iPhone 8 will include a wireless charge. If this piece of news is real, I think that the iPhone 8 may become the first cutting- edge battery charge in the world. That’s to say, you should not charge your phones with a battery device. Honestly speaking, I am expecting that the appealing phone will be marketed on the online store as much as possible and want to learn how to charge my phone with wireless charge. hAhahahahaha

You cannot afford iphone 8 image 2

You cannot afford iPhone 8 image 2

Although the iPhone has stood for its beautiful, crafted design, good quality, and advanced technology, there is something unpleasant demerits existing on this phone. In fact, the Apple often emphasis on how to personalized customers’ experience and preference, but I think it is not enough to meet the customers’ demand in this regard. For example, recently I am obsessed with hand spinners which have taken the toy market and schools by storm, and I often spin it. When I read the news of iPhone 8, I firstly wish that the pattern of hand spinners can appear on any part of iPhone 8 forever, and finally, I have a unique iPhone. Technically, this dream may come true as long as you are rich and are willing to spend so much money to finish this task. When seeing the back of iPhones, there often a iPhone logo appearing on it. I deem that its back should change, allowing more people to have a personalized phone.

In short, if Apple will add some appealing pictures and expand more personalized service, it will generate more benefit.

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