Creative “Arms”

Creative “Arms”

Perhaps you may feel a bit weird and strange when seeing “two or three arms”. Three arms sound crazy. Of course, this item has two or three arms, which is called the tri-hand spinner that you possibly don’t know. The original model of this toy is invented by an American woman, Catherine Hettinger, and she intends to give her daughter fun. Then the hand spinner has been updated by several people and the hand spinner has exploded in popularity in 2016, and thousands of people pour into stores to get a hand spinner to get one in the same way they flood into Apple store to get the latest iPhone.
Moreover, the hand spinner has been advertised to alleviate stress and cure some diseases like ADHD and autism. In fact, hand spinners boast a broader market, apart from toy industry as their “arms” hold an immense potential for exploring. If you think out of the box and make a change to your top, it will rise in popularity during a short period and attracts more people’s attention and generates more benefits. Nothing is impossible. But what will we do?

Creative “Arms”image 1

Creative “Arms” image 1

Patterns or Pictures
In general, many hand spinners are so simple and boring in colors and shapes. Suffice to say, most hand spinner has a single color (such as red, blue) and similar shapes without pictures and patterns and finally, this kind of toy is less popular among people.
Nevertheless, if the hand spinner makes a little change, the spinner market will make a big difference. For instance, the arms can be designed with patterns or logos instead of a single color. That’s to say, manufacturers should provide more personalized customers service so as to diversify hand spinner types and satisfy the customer’s preference. After all, the customer experience is very crucial. I am a cartoon enthusiast and particularly I love watching Japanese cartoons. Therefore, I am fond of buying some hand spinners with some cartoons, such as Monkey D. Luffy, Doraemon, Inuyasha and so forth. All these cartoons can recall my children’ memory when spinning the little toy.
Hand Spinner Makeup
Man and women both like this little handheld device and almost all people treat this hand spinner as a toy, and there are few manufacturers recognizing that the hand spinner can also be sold as a makeup. Some may say that hand spinner beauty has nothing to do with the beauty. The hand spinner makeup does exist and grab people’s attention after being released. The toy-hand spinner firstly perfectly matches women’s beauty and the appealing product balances the beauty and fun well. It is reported that Fidget Spinner lip balm will come to Sephora as the first hand spinner-shaped lip balm. Some rumors suggest that women not only can spin the hand spinner for fun but also can wear their lipstick. On top of that, the hand spinner also is sold as mirrors. Some small mirrors can be equipped with hand spinner’ arms, allowing women to look themselves in the mirror anytime and anywhere. In the end, women can achieve their dream “Beauty You’re With”

Creative “Arms”image 1

Creative “Arms” image 2

Loudspeaker Cabinet
Last night, I wanted to find a recorder player so I search the device at Amazon. As a result, what surprises me is that I found a portable recorder player which is so excellent and quite appealing. This briefcase-styled turntable will make people enjoy the music anytime and anywhere. Still, you can enjoy the song of vinyl information at your very own speaker device and headphone with super sound. And it may additionally deliver along side you the tune of iPod, MP3 Player, cellular telephones, and many others at the turntable participant, serving as a tune player. What the meaning of the device? It tells that an increasing number of people now gradually became addicted to portable devices, including mobile phone, wearable devices and so forth, in part mainly because these devices are so convenient and small that people will carry them around. People can share the music with the public and everyone has a right to enjoy the music. According to the current market research, the kind of handheld device will have a big potential market and shape a new market over the years. But now is there a certain relationship between portable devices and hand spinner? That’s rights. Generally speaking, the arm of hand spinner consists of solid materials, and if the inside “arms” are empty, some extra functions will be used. Such as wireless loudspeakers, it is a good idea and will become a loudspeaker enclosure with two or three mouths. It is so cool. You can spin the spinner while the toy can play the music what you love. Therefore, the hand spinner is both a toy and player. But one of the problems we should encounter about the hand spinner player that how to make this device to play music anytime and anywhere without any battery and support devices. I think that wireless technology can finish this task. This technology is the switch of information or electricity between or greater points that are not linked by using an electrical conductor. You can enjoy the music via wireless. In my opinion, the cool product will take the world by storm. A great number of people will have this product and you will see many of them use it on the street, bus station and any public places where it will be filled with nice music and people dance happily. After all, the music is a crucial part of our lives. What a wonderful world! Is it?
In reality, human’s having a limitless imagination and ideas that have not been explored. If you apply these ideas to a specific product, we will make a big difference. Moreover, we cannot confine ourselves to a specific field, or we will miss so many good chances. In short, we need not regard the hand spinner as a toy or specific product, we should create more possibilities for ourselves and our products.

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