Do we realize the potential dangers of the hand spinner?

Do we realize the potential dangers of the hand spinner?

“what’s the date today?

Oh, it is Thursday, June 7.

Yes, but today is an important day for Chinese students and their parents as well. Today is the first day of Gaokao in China (referred to National Higher Education Entrance Examination). The examination and Chinese families have a long and complex relationship.

For most of Chinese students, if you want to get into a top China university, you must place more emphasis on the most crucial examination. In china, most of peope believe that you can get a good job and you will have a better life as long as you study in a good university. It is reported that there are over 9.4 million students entering for this examination this year. But in fact, not all of them can go into the university or college, so they must try their best to compete against each other for college admission. If you fail, you will miss an opportunity to a decent education and enjoy your college life with some good friends and good students and teachers.  If you fail, you will blame yourself and you will worry about your future and your job.  Unfortunately, you will face social and family’s pressure. Honestly speaking, every Chinese attaches great importance to this examination. For students, they will get a good education and learn a good skills. At the same time, they will gain a good job after graduation. For their parents, they will win praises from other people. But the over-emphasis on exam results leads to a “pressure​ ​cooker environment”, they only care about the results. Therefore, examination anxiety before and after the exam begins. It is not a good news for them. There are so many methods that may be overcome the problem by communicating with other people, listening to music and drinking plenty of water.  But a new toy can be  used to help students with their nervousness and stress. It is called hand spinner or fidget spinner. What is it? Ok, the toy consists of a bearing made of different materials, with a two or three prolonged design. Its inventor is Catherine Hettinger. The prolonged design looks like a blade of wind turbine generator, understand? Moreover, the little hand spinner toy has different colors and assortment patterns, which will largely depend on your preference.

In the recent years the popularity of the hand spinner has increased in the world and it has been advertised as helping people with relieving  psychological stress. You can use it to overcome your stress. You will shift your attention to the toy instead of your pending examination when you spin it. You will have a good grade when you feel relaxed. But why will I introduce this little hand spinner toy to you? Firstly,  You can buy it at a low price with a good quality. Secondly, it is a little toy that you can spin it anywhere and anytime thanks to its portable. You can put it into your pocket and bags. Finally, the toy will help you to stay focus. People are distracted by their phone and other things, which leads to inefficient ways of working. Therefore, when using this toy, they will keep them focused on one task and they also work efficiently. The hand spinner is good for your Kaogao, guys.

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