Don’t know these words and you dare say you know Finger Spinner?

Don’t know these words and you dare say you know Finger Spinner?

In 2016, a plaything “finger  spinner” hand appeared in front of EDC players, fine machining and it can be in the hands of play function, attract the attention of the whole world players. But do we really know the finger spinners?
The technique of reducing the finger spinner
It can relieve hand fatigue and relieve local pressure.
Can improve the ability of brain and brain to prevent alzheimer’s disease.
Strengthen the ability of children and adults to cooperate with the eye hand, improve the flexibility of fingers, slow muscle aging and slow the deterioration of brain function.
Improve the function of the hand after operation and reduce the sequelae of cerebrovascular disease and improve the quality of life.
Designed to reduce stress, a button can relieve anxiety.
Reduce the symptoms of adhd in children and adults, and distract attention to assist in the treatment
Game interaction, intellectual leisure.

Finger Spinner Image 1

                     finger spinner image 1

According to a psychiatrist, finger spinners rotational movement In developing attention-deficit disorder adhd attention has a great pushing effect, in addition To ease the mental stress and hypnotic effect, such as alcohol dependence disease syndrome and kick the habit has certain supplementary role.

And then we’ll look at how to maintain the finger spinners, and hopefully we’ll be able to help you.

The tip of the metal bearing is the top of the tip of the ball, the spinning time is shorter, and it can be cleaned and maintained by the oil.


Finger Spinner image 2

                                finger spinner image 2


Generally lighter oil can buy in the supermarket, and is suitable for most of the metal bearing finger spinner, it is recommended that if it is found that the rotation of the gyro slow, rotating time shorter, bearing dust, or gyroscope can be lighter oil drip into the right amount in the container, then put the top bearing is removed, or directly to the gyro to immerse in the lighter oil rotation while cleaning, and finally remove the fingertips gyro and use hair dryer cold wind blow dry, that fingertips gyro rotation can be restored to its original state.

When the tip of a metal bearing is rusted, ethyl alcohol can be used for cleaning and maintenance.


Finger Spinner image 3

                          finger spinner image 3

If no lighter oil or inconvenient to buy in the home, also can use the high purity of alcohol or ethyl alcohol to clean gyro bearings, general ceramics, metal bearings or hybrid material bearing can maintain with alcohol, and alcohol for cleaning bearing method and lighter oil bearing cleaning method, was not particularly illustrates this. It is also important to note that the best use of volatile non-aqueous ethanol is the best choice for a metal bearing.

The finger spinner of ceramic bearings are the most maintainable, and they can be washed with water and detergent.


Finger Spinner image 4

                   finger spinner image 4

Or hybrid ceramic bearings with fingertips gyro is easier to maintain clean, because the ceramic will not easy to rust like metal bearing, therefore usually directly with water or detergent cleaning and maintenance is ok, just put the ceramic bearing rotating screw removed, directly on the bearing after the drip into the moderate detergent with warm water is rinsed clean, finally it to dry or dry after reinstall the good can be played normally. Also note that if the detergent does not rinse well, it may affect the normal rotation of the top of your fingertips, so be sure to rinse for a while.

Do not use lubricants or water to wash the finger spinners of the metal bearings.

Whether metal or ceramic bearings can’t use lubricating oil to maintain! It is important to note that rotation time, otherwise it may affect the fingertips gyroscope and metal bearing the finger spinners may touch water rust, therefore cannot use water to clean it, if inadvertently make metal bearing finger spinners fell into the water, be sure to dry it as soon as possible after use alcohol to clean and dry, so the moisture inside the metal bearing will evaporate and restore the original state.

Always keep the finger spinners in a suitable environment keep out of dusty.

If recent temporarily do not intend to play finger spinners, it is best to place it in a clean, no dust or wet places, suggested that can buy a bag or box, not play with the finger spinners after the gyro in the bag or box carefully, and avoid the finger spinners bearing inner accumulation of dust or water, and thus affect the finger spinners rotation time and velocity.

Be careful not to drop it off  when you are playing with the finger spinner.

With finger sipnners more and more popular, many people began to research new ways to play, some people can even rotate the finger spinners thrown in the air to catch with the hands, and let finger spinners spin, caused many to imitate, but many novice because is not good at operating and often make the finger spinner fall on the ground, it will likely make your finger spinner broken deformation of bearing, therefore recommend beginners in attempts to finger spinner’s new play, the best or the mattress foam mat exercises, and away from water, avoid the fingertips gyro broke or into the water.

A new bearing can be purchased if the bearing of the finger spinner is damaged.


Finger Spinner image 6

                      finger spinner image 5

If the finger spinner fall behind no matter how to cleaning and maintenance is no longer rotating, bearing can no longer used, thus preferably through online shopping to buy a new bearing to replace, as long as the measure of the size of your original bearing and will tell model to the seller, the other will match with gyro bearings to you. Additional finger spinners can match many different materials of bearing, as long as the model can be installed on the right size, so need to replace the bearing are free to choose and buy their own materials.

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