Edible Hand Spinners

Edible Hand Spinners

With what excitement and anticipation did one say: there is a person can give us fun, but with enthusiasm and passion do people say: there is really a toy can give us fun. Of course, the toy becomes a part of our life.
Most people think that our life features a rich array of activities since toys have been invented. We can get rid of loneliness and stress with the help of toys and we also entered a game and toy tricks. On top of it all, toys give us so many fun. Once the hand spinner is marketed, I am aware that the toy must become a new star in the toy industry in 2017. As I expected, fidget toys are all the rage in school and other western countries. This situation prompts me to buy one hand spinner with tri-arms that I interested in. I am impressed with its shape and colors.

Edible Hand Spinners image 1

Edible Hand Spinners image 1

I initially think that the toy must be created by a man, for a man in general always is obsessed with discovering things that are interesting and odd based on historical records. But I am wrong. The toy is developed by an American woman, with her aims of helping her daughter to stay focus. After learning of the story on hand spinner, I q am quite fond of it. So I become a big fan of the hand spinner, and naturally, I  develop the habit of reading news concerning the small toy so as to keep track of the trend of this toy and to acquire some new tricks. But hand spinner encounters dilemma situation, in part because a crucial debate was under way about the popularity of hand spinner. Some people argue that the hand spinner will pose any additional potential risk for our little kids, so the hand spinner should stay away from our kids, while some believe that we should strongly promote the hand spinners among children in order to help them keep concentrated.  In fact, in my opinion, we should find an appropriate way to address these issues concerned instead of debating.

Edible Hand Spinners iamge 2

Edible Hand Spinners image 2

Candy hand spinner
Sufficiently to say, we should find a way to balance the safety and fun of hand spinner for children. We should conduct a research on child’ habit and preference firstly. We all know that small children are addicted to fingers and sweet something so we can make hand spinner candy. That’ right. Candy is kid’s beloved one. On top of it all, it benefits all children and manufactures, and it is a win-win situation.
Rice hand spinner
Maybe this name is something strange to you, but it is really a good news for children and parents. It is because you can use a rice hand spinner instead of plastic spinner toy to please your children.
The rice is a healthy food and gives us energy tackle the day. A mother does not intend to buy a hand spinner for their children for sake of their safety but wants to allow their kids to enjoy the spinning fun, and they can create rice hand spinner for their kids. Parents can draw a picture on the paper and make a hand spinner rice based on an original mode of fidget spinner.


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