Even the orangutans go to the Hand Spinner

Even the orangutans go to the Hand Spinner

INSOLITE- We know that it is the fashion in the courts of recreation for several weeks, but there … Even the orangutans go to the Hand Spinner! At the zoo in Vienna, Nonja, the star of the animal park, noticed that some of the employees were playing with a curious object.
The orangutan showed so much interest that the zoo staff eventually lent him a Hand Spinner, as you can see in the video below, posted on the park’s Facebook page on June 8th.
After a few minutes turning the object around a stick, Nonja seems to understand the principle of the game and to taste it, between two gobage of grapes. The video was viewed more than 130,000 times in a few days on the social network. After a few days of training, the orangutan may soon be able to make acrobatic figures worthy of the pros on Youtube!

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