Fidget toy to get rid of stress

Fidget toy to get rid of stress

Whether you are an intensive or amateur user, you have not been able to escape. The fidget toy is everywhere on the web. These little geek gadgets of various shapes make the buzz on Youtube and social networks for the welfare of the most nervous among us.
A fidget toy what is it?
A fidget is a small object that is used almost all without realizing it. It is often the first object that comes to hand when sitting in the classroom or in the office. Among the most used users are the pen, the pen cap, our nails, a vulgar piece of paper, the telephone wire and many others … We play with it, we touch it, we fiddle with it for no reason but The simple act of playing with these small objects relax the nerves and helps us to concentrate.
Fidget EPOW®, the anti-stress gadget
The French brand EPOW®, well-known for its emergency batteries, launches at the beginning of 2017 its Fidget series. This collection consists of a series of different Fidget toys that will make you forget your pens, trombones and other little “tricks” that you use without realizing and which are sometimes dirty or even dangerous.
The hand spinner, the fidget that turns!
In this series, the EPOW® hand spinner is a small 3-armed star with a diameter of about 7 cm, designed to turn very quickly for about 2 to 3 minutes on your finger thanks to a high-performance ball bearing located in the center of this Tri spinner. This gadget easily replaces the good old pen that you used to rotate around your thumb during your class time.

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