The Finger Spinner in Australia is a hot seller

The Finger Spinner in Australia is a hot seller

Canberra, May 19 (xinhua) (reporter Xu Haijing) a small toy called finger spinner recently sold in Australia, the originally designed for adhd and autism children toys and has become a primary and middle school students in Australia’s most fashionable toy.
The finger spinner is a kind of bearing symmetry structure that can be turned over the finger, and it was first popularized in the United States. In Australia, the popularity of the finger spinner began in April. Australian importer josh Gordon is reported to have sold more than 11,000 of his finger spinner on social media for two months.
Reporter in the center of Canberra’s largest shopping centre in Canberra, “center” to see, only 5 minutes, there are more than 20 students selling the finger spinner stalls consulting or purchase.
Australia flinders university lecturer, occupational therapists, Sandra said Mortimer, for some children, finger spinner has a calming, decompression, improving the effect of attention, but for others, the small toys to their excitement, distracted.
At present, some Australian schools forbid students to go to school with their finger spinners.
University of Queensland, Australia, a senior lecturer in Chris his thought of consumption behavior, the cheapest finger spinner price for only $3 (about 15 yuan), cheap price to promote its popularity.

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