Follow the “hand spinner”, instead of thinking about creating your own style

Follow the “hand spinner”, instead of thinking about creating your own style

Recently, there has been a lot of competition in the cross-border e-commerce market. Is there any opportunity for cross-border e-commerce vendors to find business opportunities? How do you develop your own “finger spinner” for the future? Is there a slice of the market for the hot tip of the top? The emergence of hot style is a common practice for Chinese exporters. But why does this happen? Zhang zhifeng, CEO of China’s good web site, sees the root cause as a way for Chinese cross-border e-commerce companies to be passive brands. Lack of initiative product development’s enthusiasm, appear after hot style, not a single person or a company can, reluctantly said this product is to belong to me, are not allowed to sell to others. Zhang told Hugo that if the seller now had the idea of a fingertip, it might be possible to retrieve the patent and trademark. Fingertips gyro and the balance of the car is more similar to original, is also a conceptual design prototype, but a design prototype can be derived very much utility model patents, so under the condition of now, speed up, still have a chance to get its hands on to the patent. And there is a lot of room for this patent right now. There are, of course, some people have a doubt, “patent application cycle is too long, missed the markets such as the heat, get its hands on patent rights becomes worthless.”


Zhi-feng zhang to this use case to an international well-known clothing enterprise response: a very successful clothing enterprise, they never don’t care about the intellectual property rights, but is very particular about “hot spots”, every year they will go to Paris fashion week, New York fashion week up copying the design of the big brands, after a quick shipment. When discovered by the copied brand, are with the law, and the enterprise owns hundreds of people’s legal team, suit for the next six months, a year, wait until the lawsuit after finished, all the products have been sold out, this also is a kind of mode, but be prepared. How do you handle hot style in the right way? Mr Zhang believes that China’s exporters of e-commerce have two sides to the hot style product: a decisive pursuit of hot spots; The other is actively creating hot spots. First, there is nothing wrong with exporters keen to follow hot style and follow hot spots. If is suitable for the product sell like hot cakes, not to sell, are likely to miss a good chance, so see opportunity to decisive quick to follow up, once the hesitation, opportunities are no longer belong to you. But keep in mind that you can’t be too greedy, and when the seller decides to follow a hot spot, set an early expectation — when it’s over. Too “greedy”, and the end result tends to pile up all the profits in front of you. Second, take the initiative and find the ground. This is more of a good idea if the exporter of an exporter can take the initiative to find the spot rather than follow the explosion. Careful analysis, it is not hard to know, in fact every product can explode red, for a reason. The tip of the top, for example, was designed to alleviate the stress of anxiety. In the current fast-paced life, at work, many people are under high pressure all the time, so the stress reducer must have a market. A lot of people understand the market demand, and the key is how to get a product out of this demand? Change the perspective, perhaps in your hands is hot style was born To take the initiative to create hot style, zhi-feng zhang to cross-border electricity sellers thinking in two directions:

reverse thinking: a lot of cross-border electricity enterprises, sellers often tried to try to rush out, but they forget the cross-border electricity itself is a two-way, there are also out. To balance the car as an example, the product first fire up in Europe and America market, and now Europe and the United States a lot of countries have banned selling the product, but you will find that balance the cars in the domestic market is now very hot. In fact, after surveying the field of global popular culture, will find a rule: usually pop culture are popular in Europe and the United States first, then to Japan and South Korea, and then to China. Does this rule apply to the development of hot style products? A product in overseas fire up, we can realize the two or three months after will fire up at home, though you no patent in overseas, but you can take the time registered patents at home, then go to layout, to promote. Extended thinking: this thinking is more original. Cross-border e-commerce vendors can often focus on the current hottest sci-fi movies and anime films. Science fiction film inside some of the elements, often appear in the next three to five years in reality, “in recent years I have been looking at one of the most popular science fiction movies, determine what contents can be used in daily life. Such as iron man, then I think the film dazzle the coolest thing is he do in the laboratory equipment, used an AR system. And this two years, the fire is not AR products?” “Said zhang zhifeng. People who develop and study products must pay attention to the popular elements in the current market to predict future trends. Science fiction film, animation, film and television works is nothing else but the channel to the easiest way to find popular element, the artist’s thinking is very advanced, the key is that they can bring.

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