GTA 5: Hand Spinner arrives in Los Santos

GTA 5: Hand Spinner arrives in Los Santos

It had to be suspected, modders managed to introduce the hand spinner in the title of Rockstar. They are everywhere ! For a few weeks now, crazy hand spinner has swept across the planet. A madness that is reminiscent of the craze around last Pokémon Go. After having invaded the real life, the latter are now preparing to pursue us in the digital world, and in particular in GTA 5 thanks to the modders who were delighted to introduce the object of all covetousness in the game. As useless as in real life!

Several developers have therefore created mods which allow to use a hand spinner in the game. Let us quote among others Jedijosh920 or Quechus13. As in real life, it is now possible to walk the streets of Los Santos by spinning his hand spinner to infinity with no other goal than to pass the time.

GTA 5 Hand Spinner arrives in Los Santos image

           GTA 5 Hand Spinner arrives in Los Santos image

Beware, however, because in some mods the object comes to replace the pomegranate, which will not necessarily please the police of the digital city who will do anything to shut you up if they cross you a hand spinner by hand. Not yet officially released

If you really want to download this mod, go to the page of Quechus13 and give a small participation to the author to benefit from the files in preview.

You will be able to enjoy not only the hand spinner, but also other mods much more interesting, and especially the one that allows to disembark Sangoku in GTA 5. And if you do not want to drop the 5 dollars requested, they can be useful to you To buy a real Fidget Spinner.

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