The hand spinner had a chance of success

The hand spinner had a chance of success

The key that spreads in recreational courts owes its success to its low price, its social value and its echo on social networks. But it could stop turning this summer.

Who does not have his hand spinner yet? Also named “fidget spinner”, this new ball-bearing spinning top is a rage in the playground for 7-15 year olds. Born with us three weeks ago, the buzz has become such that toy stores are experiencing a crazy jerk to meet the demand. “As soon as we get 50 pieces, we sell them all within an hour,” says the cashier from a Brussels branch in Broze. But the worst, it is the incessant blows of threads of people who seek desperately. And precisely at that moment, the phone rang. “Did you get in hand spinners?” The same question of this grandfather who goes here every day in the hope of a reassort, despite the explicit placard at the entrance: “More hand spinners in stock”. “My grandchildren ask me. I look everywhere for it, I can not find anywhere, “said the papy, who went off to hunt again.

How to explain this real madness, comparable by its magnitude to that of the game Pokemon Go of the summer 2016? “If there was a recipe to create such success, I would be rich,” says Gino Van Ossel, a marketing professor at Vlerick Business School. So let’s be clear: this is pure coincidence. For a buzze novelty like this, there are thousands of innovations that make a bide every year. I am sure that nothing has been orchestrated by a major brand. The proof is that a large number of manufacturers offer this type of products by surfing the wave. ”

The hand spinner had a chance of success image 1

The hand spinner had a chance of success image 1

A ticket of 5 euros

Born in the United States, the phenomenon does however contain some ingredients to success. “The hand spinners, like their predecessors who have cartoons among schoolchildren, are cheap (5 to 6 euros in Belgian shops, 1 euro on the websites of Chinese sellers, Editor’s note). Parents then easily give in to their children’s request in the “OK, it’s not Christmas or your birthday, but you can still have one.” Then, it’s an article that the 7-15 years old Can easily afford with their pocket money. “Coline Dubuisson, manager of the Woodee toy store in Schaerbeek, confirms:” On leaving the school, they come here, proud with their 5 euro bill. And they go back a few days later for a more specific model: metal, phosphorescent or with camouflage pattern. ”

Another factor is that this kind of propeller is attractive and easy to manipulate – after a short loan, you want to own it. “And it allows a progression in its use, adds Gino Van Ossel. By watching the buddies use it, one gets results. To go further, just type “hand spinner” on YouTube. The video platform contains many tutorials to perform acrobatic figures. Bartosz, 13, has been playing with the new bestselling object for just two weeks and is already winning recess competitions at the Collège Roi Baudouin in Schaerbeek. “I’ve won three spinners by passing the challenges: spin the spin from one hand to the other without stopping, spinning it on my nose, chin …”

The hand spinner had a chance of success image 2

 The hand spinner had a chance of success image 2

Sign of belonging

The buzz turned on, it only needs to explode, fanned by videos of influencers on the net and by the contacts that keep young people on social networks. “With these, there is no longer a break with friends after school,” recalls Karine Charry, professor of marketing at UCL Mons. Thanks to the Internet, we are seeing a reinforcement of this mechanism which has nourished all the major objects of success in children and adolescents: the sharing of practices with peers to meet the need to belong to a group. If an element of recognition is judged cool by its peers, the young person will want to adhere to it and, in this case, to own the object. To this is added the emotional character of the child: “The latter quickly yields to passion, unlike the adult, able to reflect, to temper. ”

But as passion is ephemeral in essence, this is what may happen to the hand spinner, according to Gino Van Ossel: “There we are in the phase” everyone has it, so I want to have it too, Hence the exceptional and exponential success of this object. But when everyone has it, it will be over. And sellers may end up with stocks on their hands by the end of summer. Coline Dubuisson, she, already feels a brutal decline with the end of the courses in June. “I have to respond to the current high demand. But if I still have hundreds in stock when the fashion is passed, I will lose. “It also affects the smart guys who speculate on the shortage and organize a black market at the recreation by sourcing at low prices on the net …

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