Hand Spinner: difficult to miss when you’re a parent

Hand Spinner: difficult to miss when you’re a parent

A spinning top invented in the 90s by a mother named Hand Spinner. The American who invented this manual top in the 1990s abandoned her patent in 2005 for lack of financial means. While this top makes a cardboard in the schoolyards, its creator has passed next to a pretty jackpot. Now aged 62, she had developed this object to distract her 7-year-old daughter who was suffering from muscle disorders. Contacted by the daily newspaper The Guardian, the designer is still happy with the success of her top even if she does not earn more money. The principle of the Hand Spinner is very simple, thanks to a ball bearing system, the spinning top rotates.

A drama narrowly avoided, the mother of this little Texan asks parents to be vigilant

On May 13, her daughter was aboard the family car, she almost choked after swallowing one of the iron rings of her top. The girl wanted to clean the object, she put two of the pieces in her mouth, she swallowed one by accident. The mother of the family, when she heard her daughter utter strange sounds, then attempted Heimlich’s maneuver (reserved for adults, for children over 2 years of age, to expel a foreign body from the trench, This prevents the person from breathing). Five sharp claques are then made, firm with the palm of the hand in the back, between the shoulder blades, with the victim slightly leaning forward. Without result, she led the child to the emergency room. The ring was lodged in the esophagus, it was removed under endoscopy. It is important to point out that zero risk does not exist, so we must be cautious. This top is prohibited in several schools in the United Kingdom, in the United States because of its too recreational content.

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