“A Hand spinner” is not suitable for children under 6 years, says Inmetro

“A Hand spinner” is not suitable for children under 6 years, says Inmetro

Ova mania among children, the hand spinner is not suitable for children under 6 years of age, according to the Inmetro certification process, which identifies parts that can be released and swallowed.
Teachers debate ‘spinners’ and create Enem issue
If a child under the age of 6 already makes use of the toy, Inmetro recommends that parents should remove the spinner immediately.
“Some of these products have small parts that are loose, especially for those that have lights and a battery. Children under the age of 6 will put these toys into their mouths or swallow them. It is so dangerous.” said Inmetro’s Milene Fonseca.
Irregular toy
it can only be sold if it meets technical standards and has the Inmetro seal.
However, the vast majority of the models in the market are not certified, according to the institute. “The companies are subject to inspection, interdiction, seizure of the merchandise and application of fines,” said Milene.
What is the spinner?
The toy is a three-pronged propeller made of plastic and metal. The normal thing is to play with your fingertips, but there are those who dribble on the head, nose and even the tongue.
The spinner was created in the early 1990s to help treat children with attention deficit disorder. But suddenly it became fashionable, and it became a fever.
This little trinket has already rolled the world. It is successful in the United States, in Europe, a legitimate product “made in china.”
In April, a factory in the city of Yimu, China, produced up to 80,000 units per day. It proves that the hand spinner is so attracting and fashionable among people.

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