Hand spinner: a real cardboard!

Hand spinner: a real cardboard!

He invades the playground! The hand spinner is the new trend toy with which children of all ages take care of their hands or compete for speed.
Out of stock in most toy and supermarket stores, hands spinners (or fidget spinners) are sold in a few hours with each replenishment … These little gadgets are a kind of spinning tops that are made to turn between the fingers and Which, thanks to their ball bearing system, can rotate for several minutes without stopping.
Children and teenagers have fun creating figures and contests, the aim being to make the hand spinner run as long as possible and to be original, by placing it on his knee, holding it on a finger … and Why not at the end of a stick or on the nose? “I’d like to collect it,” says 7-year-old Côme, who has easily found his family on a weekend in London. They come in all colors, plastic or metal and even wood, 2, 3 or 5 branches, and also bright! I love this game and my friends and friends too, we play all together. ”
Invented to occupy hands
Originally, the hand spinner was invented in the United States to occupy the hands of children with autism or hyperactivity, to relax and help them to concentrate. Quickly, the object has pleased the buddies and even the adults: today it is even possible to have personalized his hand spinner with a photo or a small text on the part Central, and even a logo! Because the hand spinner could be the next personalized gift to offer its collaborators … Top trend!

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