Hand Spinner: the “relaxation” toy that makes emulators

Hand Spinner: the “relaxation” toy that makes emulators

New star of the courses of recreation, the hand spinner would have anti-stress virtues. Decryption (of the fingertips) of the phenomenon of the summer.
For the last few weeks, an amazing toy has been playing at the tips of the toddlers of all France: the Hand Spinner. More than just a toy, this mechanical object would have anti-stress virtues and would even be a therapeutic gadget for people with autism or hyperactive.
Hand Spinner: How does it work?
The “hand spinner” – literally “rotating object” – is a small plastic gadget that is held between two fingers and must be rotated as long as possible. Until then, nothing very complicated. Available in dozens of colors and designs, the “hand spinner” can be rotated for four minutes (for the best performers).
If this toy is emulated at this time, it is not new. Indeed, the hand spinner was invented in 1997 by Catherine Hettinger, a mother of family, who sought to entertain her daughter with autism and a disease causing muscle weakness, recalls The Guardian. But it was not until 2016 that the interest of the general public for the top 2.0 was removed: parents of autistic or hyperactive children found in this object a means to channel the energy and to stimulate the attention of their offspring.

the relaxation toy that makes emulators image 1

the relaxation toy that makes emulators image 

Hand Spinner: therapeutic virtues?
In addition to being a fun gadget, the “Hand Spinner” would therefore have therapeutic properties. Concentration, channeling: The “Hand Spinner” helps stimulate the mind, relieve stress and “even spread a pleasant feeling of satisfaction”, reads on specialized sites.
Within a few months, the phenomenon became global and toy stores were literally robbed. Children and adults then began to turn this amazing spinning top frantically at their fingertips, even going so far as to make figures with them.
The “Hand Spinner” madness shows therapeutic limits: several American schools have forbidden the “hand spinner” in class, because instead of helping with the concentration, its use dissipated the students.
Where can I find a Hand Spinner?
Hand Spinner of all shapes and colors can be found in toy stores (subject to availability) or on specialized websites. It takes about 6 euros for the basic model and a little more than 20 for the more elaborate models, chrome or luminous.

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