“Hand Spinner”, the new phenomenon toy

“Hand Spinner”, the new phenomenon toy

The Hand Spinner, also called Fidget Spinner, has recently invaded all recreation courses. From primary to high school, through college, there are no exceptions. But what does this small plastic object bring to young people? It was Catherine Hettinger, an American, who invented this top to distract her disabled daughter in the 1990s but then abandoned the manufacturing patent in 2005 for lack of money. As no brand has bought the patent, the toy is manufactured everywhere and free of duty.
The Hand Spinner is a three-spoke object rotating around a center designed with a ball bearing. It would have the virtue of being a destressing one. The fact of having it in hand and of turning it would channel and calm its possessors. The young people took possession of the object both for entertainment and fashion. The price of the toy, varying between 3 and 13 euros, is attractive: plastic, metal, luminous or phosphorescent, there is something for all tastes.
Asked, a second-hand pupil at Terrasson High School said of the Hand Spinner: “It is not really distressing, as everyone claims, it is not very useful, but once you get Serves, you become addicted! We’ll see if the summer holidays will make the fashion go. CD & ML.
This article has been written in the framework of Lycéens reporters of St Exupéry Terrasson. The article ideally would have been accompanied by a photograph of the student concerned in the text with the object in question, but this is only a drafting exercise for high school students.

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