Hand spinner, the toy that provokes Kremlin chills

Hand spinner, the toy that provokes Kremlin chills

A simple anti-stress toy is causing concern in the Kremlin, is considered a “political tool” that “controls children” and instigates Russians against power. Hand spinner toys disturbs Russian power. According to a Kremlin home station, the little toy for reducing stress is, among other things, a propaganda tool. This theory – hallucinatory in the opinion of some – was issued by Rossia 24. In a report by Rossia 24, journalist Ruslan Ostaşko claims that this toy produced in the United States “corrupts children”. And not just that. “This small object transforms young people into zombies in order to manipulate them,” the journalist says. The authors of the report make even a parallel between bringing the object to Russia and the antipower manifestations organized by the opposition Aleksa Navalnîi. Russia’s main enemy, Vladimir Putin, manages with hand spinners to draw children on his side and even collect funds. Evidence: A young man is shown as he sells such toys during anti-corruption demonstrations at Navalnii’s initiative. “Those who control political techniques are well aware that this seemingly unimportant object controls the masses,” Ruslan Ostaşko said. The report came to the attention of the Consumer Protection Agency, which announced it will analyze these toys. “Considering the anxiety that parents and teachers may have, we will examine, in collaboration with research institutes, the effects of hand spinners on children,” the agency said. Aleksei Navalnîi did not have the duty to answer, broadcasting on Tuesday a movie in which he appears playing with a spinner while he was waiting for his verdict in a trial.

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