A Hand Spinner Vif d’Or

A Hand Spinner Vif d’Or

You have not been able to escape the craziness of the Hand Spinners, these little “spinners” (literally) that hold between two fingers and are the new stars of the playgrounds … and that also fascinate the greatest. Among the latest novelties of this funny object, the Hand Spinner Vif d’Or has caught our attention.
Released in spring 2017, the Hand Spinners are first presented as a way to help channel energy and focus attention. But very quickly, it is its entertaining virtues (or anti-stress for some) that make the success of this little top.

A Hand Spinner Vif d'Or image

A Hand Spinner Vif d’Or image

Made up of weighted legs that rotate around a central axis with ball bearings, the Hand Spinners can rotate for up to several minutes! You can find them in all colors, and also with the effigy of heroes who touch many fandoms, like the universe of Harry Potter.
But beyond the fairly simple Harry Potter-style models found in online stores, like the one above in Hogwarts colors (beware, these are not official derivatives), we can find This little wonder, which makes the fans of Quidditch (and others) dream: the Hand Spinner Vif d’Or!
Le Vif d’Or is the smallest ball used at Quidditch. Small golden ball finely engraved with small curved lines and decorated with fine silver wings, it is extremely fast and very difficult to catch. The catcher who manages to grab it ends the game and allows his team to win 150 points in one shot, and so often to win the game! Holding such an object also makes it possible to imagine in the skin of James Potter at the time of the Marauders, or to relive the matches of Harry, during which it is always the fastest to catch the little golden ball. Nevertheless, the price of this pretty Vif is likely to discourage more than one: this model is proposed to 149,99 $ or approximately 134 €.

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