Hand spinners can explode too

Hand spinners can explode too

After the Hoverboard, the Chinese chargers and the Galaxy Note 7, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is conducting the investigation after at least two cases of explosive hand spinners have been reported to the United States. These were hand spinners with batteries to power some of their additional features such as adding light, or even Bluetooth speakers.
The two aircraft, whose explosion was reported in Michigan and Alabama, burned while they were in charge. One of the mothers who discovered the fire said that the device had been in charge for 45 minutes when it had ignited. The device, manufactured in China, bears no mention of its manufacturer.
For the CPSC, who will now have to focus on these new gadgets closely, some recommendations are to be followed with the use of electronic hand spinners and their recharging. In addition, it is recommended to never leave them unattended when plugged in, and never leave them plugged in at night or for long periods.
This is not the first time a new fashion has turned out to be potentially dangerous. Lately, the craziness of the hoverboard was not without posting some security problems, after several Chinese models saw their battery ignited, to the point of having them banned in many places and even in planes. More recently, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had to undergo the same treatment. Should new explosions be reported, then the hand spinners could have the same fate.

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