Hand spinners launch in Western and Europe market, immediately run out of stock

Hand spinners launch in Western and Europe market, immediately run out of stock

Your children have surely demanded a hand spinner (or fidget spinner), this fashionable toy that spins silently at your fingers is actually a stone with its waves, making a huge splash in the toy industry and is severely depleted in the supply.

Three plastic or metal bearings surround a finely engineered central bearing that held with two fingers, this latest fad actually rotate hundreds of times in a minute. Just like those de-stressors that have been around, this fidget toys are another solid cure for your excessive anxious energy, evident in nail-biting, desk-drumming or pen-clicking.

Then It’s no wonder that demand in America and Europe is enormous and toy stores are overtaken by the success of this fidget spinner.

“The entire toy industry is under-supply,” says Gauthier Vervaeke, head of marketing and advertising at Fun Belgium, one of the biggest toy manufacture in Belgium. “It really does not happen very often, I do not even remember when is the last time when a product that has exhausted our stocks. ”

“The launch has just taken place, but we’ve already foreseen an enthusiasm similar to that of the loom bands three years ago,” says Stéphanie De Bree, director of Dreamland in France. The loom bands, which are plastic DIY bracelets, had also enjoyed an unprecedented success, allowing Dreamland to record some tremendous sales for nine months, according to Stéphanie De Bree.

“The first day when it’s launched, we had 300 boxes delivered to 45 stores, and we have sold about 7,000 hand spinners since then,” said Geert Gillis, sales manager at Dreamland.

“It is very important for us to quickly replenish Our stocks, because even our suppliers have problems!”  She said.

Also in Naples, Italy, hundreds of hand spinners have been sold mostly through newsstands and stalls, their price have quickly been doubled in a day, ranging from 10 to 20 euros.

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