Inventor of the finger spinner: because of poverty to give up a patent to miss a lot of money

Inventor of the finger spinner: because of poverty to give up a patent to miss a lot of money

Beijing time on May 12, the morning news, as the inventor of the popular toy finger spinner, Catherine HeTingJie (Catherine Hettinger) could obtain a large ~ depends on licensing fees. This is not the case: she abandoned the patent in 2005 because of the lack of money for patent renewal.
Hertingjie, from the U.S. state of Florida, did not earn any money for his invention. More than 20 years ago, she invented the finger spinner as a toy for her 7-year-old daughter. At the moment, the global sales of finger spinners are tens of millions, and suppliers are unable to meet the huge demand.
Hertingjie holds patents on the top of his fingertips for about eight years. However, she abandoned the patent in 2005, unable to afford a $400 patent renewal fee. “I just don’t have the money,” she says. “it’s that simple.”

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The inventor of finger spinner—Hertingjie and her granddaughter.
Some schools in Britain and the United States have banned students from playing with their finger spinners because of the popularity. But some teachers believe that a finger spinner can help students concentrate, especially children with adhd.
At the moment, the companies that produce the tops of their finger spinners are highly profitable, while Mr. Hetinjie, 62 years old, moved from a small cottage to a cheaper apartment. The question she CARES about every day is whether to reconnect the phone and how to buy a “real car.”
Near Orlando in the United States the history of the old city Winter Park, HeTingJie said in an interview: “the inventor, the environment is very harsh. Only 3% of the invention to earn the money. I have seen other inventors mortgage the house of his own, lost a lot of money.”
Mr Hertingjie admits that if he is able to retain the patent, he will now accumulate a lot of wealth.
Besides HeTingJie, Tim berners-lee, the creator of the world wide web, Tim berners-lee) and hoverboards inventor of mercy, Chen (Shane Chen) are not because of his inventions and to make money. But she said she did not regret the missed opportunity and was “very encouraged” by the sudden explosion of the top of her fingertips.

She said: “some people asked me, are you crazy? But in fact I am very happy, because I designed was understood, have also brought their help. In some circumstances of modern life, you will feel the pressure is very big, and we need something like that to relieve the pressure of modern life. It’s very interesting. This is a kind of cultural products.”
But many schools disagree. These schools forbid students to carry or use the finger spinner because it is thought to distract students. But in some other circumstances, the school will find that the finger spinner can help, says hertingjie. “I know there is a teacher who is helping children with autism to use their finger spinners, which helps them to be calm.”
The original finger spinners were born in the early 1990s, he says, “a horrible summer”. At the time, she was diagnosed with myasthenia and had to look after her daughter, Sarah. The latter is now 30 years old.
She said: “I can’t give her toys at that time, also don’t have much time to accompany her, so I use paper, adhesive tape and other materials together for her.” After a few redesigns, a non-mechanical device is born. “We actually invented the finger spinners. She can spin and I can spin. That’s how we design.”
In the following years, he tried to sell his invention at the Florida art and crafts fair. “It was a good project, and I made ends meet. I sold the product to thousands of people and tested it.”
She even took her daughter to Washington, d.c., to the U.S. patent and trademark office, and patented the design in 1997.
However, before his invention was about to get a bigger commercial success, he had met with disappointing news. Hasbro, the American toy giant, decided not to keep producing the finger spinners, abandoning the project.
HeTingJie said: “I am a technician, can not complete multi-million dollar deal. If you have money, or to obtain the support of venture capital, then it will be completely different.”
At the moment, he is an outsourced engineer and is advising other inventors in Florida. If a Kickstarter campaign can raise enough money, she also plans to produce and sell the original design-to-one.
There is no way of knowing what life would be like if she continued to hold a patent on her fingertips. But she said she regretted only one thing: “I might be able to do more.”

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