IPhone 7 version Hand Spinner: new torture session on the drill

IPhone 7 version Hand Spinner: new torture session on the drill

An iPhone 7 Hand Spinner Version? The EverythingApplePro youtube offers a fairly surprising test of strength, as it involves drilling a big hole in its iPhone to slide a ball bearing and make it the most expensive hand spinner on the market. Surprisingly the screen of the iPhone 7 remains long activatable, before the youtube accidentally touches the motherboard.
There’s something a little stupid and enjoyable in both videos of torture of the smartphones of the moment. They are not uninteresting because one discovers to what extent the smartphone is resistant, and what risks are incurred when one accidentally breaks or bores some components. This video of torture surfs on the phenomenon hand spinner of which we spoke in this article.
IPhone 7 Hand Spinner mod: the iPhone undergoes a new torture session on the drill, video
EverythingApplePro wants to answer this question that you will admit is crucial: can the iPhone 7 (and other iPhone) be turned into hand spinners of quality? The answer seemed contained in the question: no, the iPhone is not a good hand spinner. It is even very bad at this game, especially as it becomes a completely unusable passage. Because to transform its iPhone 7 into hand spinner, the youtube does not do things half.
He could have glued two ball bearings on either side of the smartphone, but no, he preferred to drill a big hole in the middle of the device. The result? It is a bit of toxic smoke and especially what happens when you drill the LCD screen of various models. In this game, moreover, we note that the screen of the iPhone 7 is much more resistant than the previous generation iPhone.
Needless to say again, it is a very bad idea that will only have the effect of bungling your smartphone. In the same vein of “the trick” that aimed to re-drill a hole for the jack. Do not laugh, some really did! Especially since this will not help you to realize these tricks of hand spinner.

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