Let’s adopt the toy Hand Spinner which is prevalent around the world

Let’s adopt the toy Hand Spinner which is prevalent around the world

Do you know a toy called “hand spinner” that is prevalent all over the world? “Hand spinner” , which recently swept in Japan, also is a toy called Fidget Spinner. It has a propeller -shape and its size varies. Hold the center with your fingers, then you can rotate and play it for a few miutes. While studying at the school ‘s classes and thinking about the note, there was a person who was turning by turning the pen around with a fingertip, but it is an item to enjoy turning around like this with the fingertips. Even though it is mysteriously addictive, so it became extremely popular “hand spinner”. It is a how-to movie of nail incorporating that “hand spinner” to introduce today.

Let's adopt the toy Hand Spinner which is prevalent around the world image 1

Let’s adopt the toy hand spinner which is     prevalent around the world image 1

This is a nail movie, is not it? Before painting the manicure, the movie starts from producing a small “hand spinner” small enough to get on the nail. Using acrylic liquid, molded carefully up to the details. Open the hole neatly, repeatedly colored the toy many times, I will finish the ideal “hand spinner”. Just watching the whole thing that Natasha (Lee) who is the originator and the creator of the movie is proceeding with persistence, I became awkward and I became distant … …. This is no longer a nail movie, it’s a DIY movie that captured the work of miniature craftsmen ~!
It is amazing to rotate properly
Next, as a shaft of “hand spinner”, prepare a short cut of ultra-fine pins that are used for specimens. After carefully adhering to the surface of nail which painted beautifully, it is the completion of “hand spinner” nail. Of course, you can rotate it
If you are the one who is Let’s try
In Japan, “hand spinner” which is not well known yet, it is pretty innovative to incorporate into nails. It is certain to unravel the hearts of people sensitive to the epidemic. Maybe you can say “It’s good sense!”
Everyone who is confident in the hand dexterity and also has a reputation for perseverance, try it out ~.

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