The love on my finger – the story about me and my finger spinner

The love on my finger – the story about me and my finger spinner

There is a kind of sweet talk between two people, and there is a kind of love called the mouth and the cigarette of the mouth, there is a kind of love called the spinning on the fingertips…
First met
In march this year, a chance encounter on Youtube saw a short video titled “the craziest adult toy.” Out of curiosity for the title, click the video, when the video playback, I immediately stunned, a simple things like a metal, unexpectedly in the fingertips spin up, not only so you can also easily thrown into the air again using a different fingers catch, catch the moment of the metal plate “can still be kept turning.
After watching the short video, he has been amazing its magic, so a lot of online search for information about it, just know it’s called “finger spinners”.

Fondle admiringly
Out of curiosity, I bought a finger spinner on the Internet in 70RMB through AVE-40. After receiving the goods, we can’t wait to open the package for a trial.
The moment it rotates at my fingertips, there is a strange sense of joy in the mind. The weight of the fingertips, the flow of the fast spinning of the fingertips, the sense of freedom of control that makes you feel comfortable. Miraculously, the hard work and stress of the day have been relieved, and the whole person’s nerves are relaxed.
Since I felt the magic power of the tip of my fingertip that had influenced my mood, I always carried it in my belt. Because it is delicate and small, it is easy to carry, and it has no low taste. When I’m tired of work, I go around and relax. When I’m feeling restless, I turn to relax. When work is not inspired, I turn to the quiet state of mind…
Confession of love
I think finger spinner is a very worthy “lover” of your fingertips, which is considerate and comforting when you are in a bad mood. It will help you relax when you have a job stress. When you are bored, it will be there for you. As long as you don’t give it away.
This article is based on the real feeling of the finger spinner’s player


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