Mathematical test using hand spinner

Mathematical test using hand spinner

A hand spinner that became a worldwide boom. For children of ADHD, there are research results (PDF) that help to increase concentration, teachers admit. However, there are reports that they have done too much popular heating and injuries, and it is also true that there are schools prohibiting bringing in. Although it seems that the school side will continue the discussion as to whether or not to allow it, your original Modern Family carries mathematical problems incorporating hand spinners.
It is this. On the test paper, there is a place to turn the hand spinner and solve as many problems as possible before rotation stops.

Mathematical test using hand spinner image 1

Mathematical test using hand spinner image 

There are also media that the hand spinner is over because the trend will be someday well now. If the popularity is settled, only the necessary people can bring it to the school/workplace, so it will not be necessary to argue against whether it is forbidden or not.
Well, since you are sending a command via an application and you see a spinner with LED that you can display a message. As I go to this point, my concentration will be deprived in the contrary.

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