Meaning of Hand spinner

Meaning of Hand spinner

Many people only focus on how to spin the hand spinner and toy itself, but they never think about what the meaning of hand spinners.
The small device is used to remove stress and anxiety, and it consists of a bearing and several “legs”. You should put the hand spinner between your thumb and fingers before spinning it. Moreover, you can use different tricks to spin it. In addition, many people now like burying their face on the phone, so the toy can help you with getting rid of using smartphones constantly and distractions.
More importantly, the handheld device can make your hand busy and help you forget unhappy things without making any noise. The hand spinner, some experts say, is a good tool to make people relax. Although not all experts think that the hand spinner has a great potential in terms of curing distraction, it still is marketed as a stress-relieving toy, especially for children with distraction problems.

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