Metz: the shortage of hand spinner

Metz: the shortage of hand spinner

He went into the playground without warning! The parents had only to arm themselves with patience and pugnacity to find the sesame and to please their offspring. Elementary school or college, it matters little to him what hands they pass. The small-helix object called the hand spinner is a great success for young and old alike. Its reputation precedes it a little: developed in Belgium for children with autism to enable them to acquire dexterity, it would also have as first quality to be a source of relaxation for the one who watches it spin around a ” A center pin mounted on a ball bearing. That’s true ? “Oh yeah, I love it! Appreciates Mary. I tended to pull on my eyelashes when I was doing homework because of stress and since I have it, I do not do it anymore. It’s not nothing. In addition it is quite nice to have it in the hand. Now I have to train him to turn it on the nose, the forehead, the fingers … Everyone does this in the chest. ”

the shortage of hand spinner image 1

The shortage of hand spinner image 1

Provided to manage to put the famous hand on the object. On Metz, Caroline, manager of a fashion boutique for children, dedicated a showcase to the hand spinner. Blacks, greens, multicolors, there is something for everyone. Except that last week, at noon, she had to ask her companion to make a quick return to his supplier. “You are the fifth mother, since this morning, who buys me, it does not stop! ”
For once stress is beneficial to some! Nevertheless, the phenomenon is not without reminding us of another, not so distant: these elastic bracelets realized on a large scale by our improvised cherubim king of the extensible jewel. Disappeared from traffic!

The shortage of hand spinner image 2

The shortage of hand spinner image 2

Unless … director of the medical-educational institute of Jussy, Christophe Jean has recently heard about the miracle object and does not rule out using it at the Roseraie. ” I do not know. We will test it. We will have to take stock of the situation in some time. ” A new life for the flat top?

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