Moving your fingertips to boredom and bringing you into another “space-time”

Moving your fingertips to boredom and bringing you into another “space-time”

Moving your fingertips to boredom-1

People now hold the most common and even dependent items
Except cigarettes are phones
The result is cervical spondylosis that poisons our physical and mental health
But don’t worry about something that will help us quit our addiction.
French brand Colette toys
A few days ago
French brand Colette introduced the toy on its website
Sell for 5 Euros and provide multiple color options
But then it sold out
Some students asked what was this popular
Don’t bother to hear me
Moving your fingertips to boredom-2
This is a Finger thing called Finger Spinner
The Chinese literal translation “Finger Spinner” is known as the tip of the top
The name is said to have a psychological basis
It can provide a calming effect to the user
It can help reduce the risk of PTSD
It’s meditation and boredom

Moving your fingertips to boredom-5
You might say what that means
No, it’s not surprising that you have to circle your fingers
In fact, I feel the same way
There’s nothing magical about it
But when you do get it you really get stuck in it

In the last 30 days
Gyro is in the sports and leisure traditional toy industry
The 1688 purchasing index is ranked  1

In the past 24 hours, Amazon Best Sellers in Toys & Games
The first few bits are all occupied by the tip of the tip

Pictured is the finger spinner of Torqbar (MD engineering company)
The tip of the top is a popular EDC toy on social networking sites in 2016
Its leader is known by domestic players as the top of the top
Torqbar (MD engineering company)
The crowd started in August 2016
Torqbar no longer accepts orders for the year
Meanwhile, the company focuses on MetalWorn, a megawatt company with EDC around marvel’s perimeter
He developed his own circular fingertips
Russian CKF and other handcrafted designer tops are added

Here is hertingjie and her daughter
There is an interesting little interlude at the tip of the top
The inventor of the popular toy fingertip is hetinjie, from Florida, USA
She could have relied on royalties for large sums of money
But it is not the reality.

She abandoned the patent in 2005 because of the lack of money for patent renewal
There is no income for his invention
More than 20 years ago, she invented the tip of the tip of the top of her finger as a toy for her 7-year-old daughter
At the moment, there are tens of millions of global sales of fingertips
Suppliers can’t even meet the huge demand

HeTingJie said
The original fingertips were born in the early ’90s, a “horrible summer”.
At the time, she was diagnosed with the myasthenia
She also needs to take care of her daughter, Sarah
She couldn’t give her daughter toys and didn’t spend much time with her
So I put the paper tape and some other materials together to give it to her
After a few redesigns
The tip of a non-mechanical device is born
That’s how we design it

It is unknown
If she continues to hold the patent on her fingertips
So what is life now
But she said there was only one thing she regretted
Maybe more inventions
Finally, remind the friends who are going to buy the top
A few things
“Stability” is definitely one of the criteria for judging a top quality
The work of a stabilisation gyroscope must be more elaborate
The second is the standard of judgment
It is advisable to turn around for more than 3 minutes
The noise produced by the friction between the parts
It is possible to judge the precision of the work of the top
The value of the adjacent degree of the essence is high

With the development and progress of society
People are in a time of great excitement
The fast pace of life makes life less enjoyable for us
Put down the phone
Get out of the house and move
That’s the “right way”

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