Mysterious giant circles like rotors appear in the fields

Mysterious giant circles like rotors appear in the fields

In the midst of the vast rice fields suddenly strange circles appear so many people are curious but unreasonable. Mystery of the giant stone maze is located between the small island The type of fruit with the most mysterious shape on the mystery. The world of mysterious historical images makes it impossible for the scientists to explain. If you wonder how moldy the food process is, here is the answer. Unbelievable, this is the woman’s body. Eat each hopper to become the world’s fattest.
On a vast green field in Wiltshire (England), a mysterious shape of circular shapes appears, suggesting that the current Fidget Spinner is a hot sauce.
Recently, these giant figures suddenly appeared in the wheat field, near the painted White Horse at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, which has long been famous for its mysterious circles in the field. And the white horses stunned on the green hills.
Also with the latest work of an “author” hidden face, it consists of four large circles connected to a central axis of the wheel. Like the mysterious plots on other fields, the motifs were created by deliberately piling trunks along certain lines to produce contrasting colors when viewed from above.
Witnessing this strange figure, many immediately linked to the hand-spinning toy that now attracts millions of adults and children in the world called the Fidget Spinner.
Despite the conjecture no one has identified the author’s identity as well as the meaning of the above picture.

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