How do novices choose their finger spinner

How do novices choose their  finger spinner

Recently, a lot of friends in the backstage left a message for the editors
Is it a question of how to choose the finger spinner.
So let’s summarize the problem in this article today
It’s the experience of the editors playing with the finger spinner
Not necessarily all right
But it’s true
This is a plain text article
Everyone reads pain.

First, personal preference
Especially the style
Everyone’s aesthetic is different
The cabbage is all in love
For the work
The good thing is the thousands of foreign ones
That’s simply not said
If you are richman, please help yourself
The domestic average of 100 or so is still acceptable
Just start by buying a little more than 50
If you’re interested, you can buy it a little bit more
Second, personal needs (three leaves or two)
Is to want to play with fancy
Or just like a certain style
There’s nothing to do
Flower type should buy 3 leaf plastic, aluminium alloy is given priority to
Because the three leaves are more stable and lighter than the two
It’s nice to flip and wait
You can see that a lot of video is the third leaf
If you want to play twice
Reduce decompression by two leaves
That depends on personal preference
Third, material
Now the material that is on the market is mainstream
ABS plastic, aluminum alloy, pure copper, titanium alloy, stainless steel
Other than plastics and aluminum alloys are weighted
Pure copper is easily oxidized to black, although many businesses say they have been treated with oxidation
But there are still a few of the best friends who don’t want to buy pure copper
Titanium and stainless steel are relatively good choices, and they are less likely to oxidize and weigh much less than pure copper
Fourth, the bearing
R188, 608, 606
These models are commonly used bearings
R188 is a smaller bearing
A relatively 608, 606, etc
The resistance is smaller and the spin time is longer
608 606 large bearing
Ceramic bearings are quieter than steel ball bearings and turn around longer
The big sister is usually r188 bearing
It is recommended that you also buy the tip tops of r188 bearings



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