Overnight success of Finger Spinner–EDC, ADHD, and Yiwu’s lathe

Overnight success of Finger Spinner–EDC, ADHD, and Yiwu’s lathe

The Chinese boy’s hands are beginning to change.
With a single hand spin, the gyroscope can rotate for a few minutes at a high speed, and the cycle can move and stop. If the pattern is too magical, you may also enter a visually self-hypnotic state.
This recent red explosive, called the “Finger Spinner”, is priced from a few dollars to tens of thousands of yuan. In early 2016, it became popular in North America. On YouTube, the tip of your fingertips is more than 100 per cent of video hits, and all sorts of tests are popping up. Earlier this year, the trend began to move into China.
The wholesale market reaction of the yiwu commodity market began a month ago. Baidu’s fingertop top, “the love has to be 197608” recently posted: “this is crazy now in yiwu, more than 5 million yuan a day.
“There are five million people who don’t know, but they are doing it all.” Ms. Wang of yiujia color digital technology tells geek park. They mainly sell to the machines on top of the top of the top, and they also have three machines spinning, which can make 150,000 a day.

What is the tipping point? We are trying to find the trigger for this phenomenon.
Hit on the eve of the
Strictly speaking, a fingertip is a kind of EDC outfit.
You might think of the usual open bag columns in fashion magazines. People believe that you choose your brand, material, color, and how to think about price, utility and combinations of items. This is like the social media tag, which defines you in some way.
But people who like EDC are not easily classified. Only those who carry the daily and professional items are called ordinary people.
EDC has become a unique niche, thanks to a group of professionals who have a fever. They are military friends, outdoorsmen, survival maniacs, or especially insecure people.
They often have Swiss army knives, tool tongs, titanium alloy tactical pens, three blades of wood, a single pipe double whistle… In the age of peace, if you haven’t heard of the hobby, the bag thought it was a hardware store.
EDC equipment is good and usually doesn’t come cheap on price. When things are too much, they should be fitted with a special leather case and a bag.
Such as a price 1800 yuan of tactical pen, has not broken any climate water, can be written to the characteristics of the because of its manufacturing process and strength, also has the defense function.
“For example, like a woman’s cosmetics, the EDC is a man’s cosmetics and security.” Said Dong. He was the operator of the WeChat public, entered the EDC circle in 2005 and met thousands of fans through the public in his spare time.
“It has cost over 200,000 years,” he said, “a way of life that outsiders can’t understand.”

Part EDC of the small winter, all the knives are not in the mirror. / survey NAT cole four block light brightness of all metal KEY chain flashlight, EVA – KEY titanium alloy KEY chain, American SOG combination tools and portable, homemade anti-co billiton NEXTOOL triad combination tableware, tactical quickly pull out the black hawk flashlight set… “Too many,” he repeated several times.

“EDC this concept, this is from a foreign country, especially the north American military pass, outdoor sports developed countries, are now subdivided again a lot of different areas, the domestic is also starting from this year. Decent suit at the beginning, the foreigner what, what I choose and buy, now a lot of people in their own style, combination of choose and buy, that’s right. Foreign also has a lot of people use is the domestic production equipment, especially the flashlight, domestic did very well.” / survey
Whether they attaches great importance to the daily equipment is “small, sophisticated, reliable, multifunctional”, is very concerned about how the equipment are show at the same time, because “it is part of the EDC.
Before the top of our fingertips was widely known, the pool was a quiet water. This is a game of minority. They have converged on BBS and community, interacting with like-minded enthusiasts and taking it for granted.
The hot style of the niche
Why not the top of “inception”, but the top of your fingertips?
For uncomfortable without a scratch at the hands of the people, this kind can at any time in the palms of their hands to play with the little plaything, to help them relieve anxiety and adhd, also some people use it to give up smoking.
Shake the leg, turn pen too low age, very not cool, dish Buddha is too old, the hand string pour still can, but lack a bit mechanical beauty.
Metal, ceramics, steel balls… Different materials symbolize different tastes. Some gyros can be disassembled and used in a variety of tools for DIY, which further disassembles the assembly enthusiast’s mind.
In addition to a single spin, Internet users around the world have actively developed innovative fancy ways to increase the spread and playability of products.
According to cychenyue, an Internet user, it is called “the mental plaything of the object, the god of the pretend bility.”
In a sense, it’s a social tool when the little gyro is at the fingertips, and it’s easy to talk about it. After all, in the EDC circles, there’s not much that can be done on a daily basis. Especially when you’re on the subway, it’s a hassle for them.
But the fingertips are really going to go to the masses, or wechat business. As a group of business opportunities, the most sensitive, YouTube rising clicks, Amazon hit sales, they quickly captured the start in abroad popular sheet is tasted, and want to copy it to China.They’re advertising for the top of the top of each platform, trying to write a sales pitch, telling everyone how it should play, and how to make it fun.
Live on video website, B station or platform, there is also a Sig Sparta, jianfeng KOL fixed launch professional video evaluation program, or simply because they enthusiast’s interest to do it, or bound to sell goods in the organization;
For the first time, the “cute new” approach to the top of the top of your fingertips will also be Shared on SNS to share the strange new toy.
“Active” and “passive” are interwoven, and that’s how the chain of communication unfolds.
“Invisible booster”
Mary, who runs the “kadkam pretend bility poison”, claims to be the first person in the country to move her fingertips to the platforms of eBay, amazon and quick sale.
At the beginning of the year, she and her younger brother decided to talk to the authors about the sales agent after they discovered the product.
When contacted at home, they started to move the product from the ins, video, to the baidu post. “what is a fingertip?” The question-and-answer session also opened the “edc fingertips top” micro blog topic. Mary, who is in the foreign trade business, is familiar with the basics of this type of Internet marketing.
But the fake conditions are too loose. Products like the tip of the top are easily rebranded and easily made. The influx of Chinese manufacturers has created a number of poor quality goods, as well as sharply lower prices.
“Because the first batch of chinese-made fingertip gyro bearing problems were too much, the first drop was bad, causing the amazon to be overrated.” “Mary said to geek park.
A large number of shanzhai products have become invisible help to the market. Yiwu knows this, and the EDC people are watching.The problem is that people who are just curious don’t necessarily stay, just as they’re sick of food and red clothes. People’s enthusiasm is not necessarily determined by the three, but the EDC community itself needs a strong sense of value.
In this way, “toy gyro” and “EDC gyro” seem to be completely different.
For the sudden rise of the top of the top, most EDC lovers, like little winter, don’t know. “In the second half of last year to this year, ask the person up, in fact, the fire for a long time. Playing too many people too bad, just like collectables – autograph, some people in domestic hype to make money, and many real players is out of the race.” Said Dong.
Market follow suit, and so did the discussion of the enthusiasm of the EDC, fingertips gyro is likely to be a gap, into more players know the niche fan community. The influx of mass producers, in turn, could spur innovation in the original and the craft.

After all, it is the players who are truly persistent in spending, the product itself.
“At the beginning of the year, we were careful, we only made 10, 000, and now we’re watching 100,000.” “A self-employed person told me. Now taobao’s top-selling price of 9.9 yuan is selling 120, 000 yuan a month.
Ms. Wang of yiwu didn’t reply to my question about what to do when the market is saturated. The night before, the workers had been rushing to make hundreds of thousands of customer gyro orders. Early this morning, she celebrated another 2531 installation with friends, and wished the owner of the machine, wang and zhang, “a good business.”

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