Questions and Answers about hand spinner

Questions and Answers about hand spinner

Question: What is the hand spinner?
It is a toy that consists of a bearing, plates and bearing balls. It is also called fidget spinner or finger spinner.
Question: Who invented this toy?
It is said that the toy initially is created by an American woman, Hettinger. It is designed to entertain her daughter. Initially, she filed a patent for this toy, but after a while, she was so poor that could not renew this patent. But the toy model she invented gives us so much fun.
Question: What the hand spinner looks like?
Now, the modern hand spinner has changed a lot in comparison to its original model. The modern finger spinner now generally divided into two common types, including dual-hand spinner and tri-hand spinner. Still, these hand spinners have many patterns and shapes to make them more appealing.
Question: What the materials of hand spinners?
The fidget spinner is made out of various materials, including titanium, copper, zinc alloy and so forth. It is believed that the hand spinner will have a long service life when using good quality materials. Moreover, the heavier the materials are, the longer time the hand spinner spin. The heavy and superior materials of hand spinner will be more stable. The hand spinner also made with 3D plastic materials, but this kind of product is cheap and easy to damage.
Question: What the effect of the hand spinner?
The hand spinner has many functions once it is released. It is reported that the hand spinner has even been marketed as an aid for ADHD and autism alike. Some say that it can kill time and alleviate stress and anxiety. But I think that the most important value thing of this hand spinner is to give people fun.
Question: What the most crucial thing that parents should care about when shopping for this toy?
Although this toy is so fun and prevalent among people, it also has some potential risk. The device is so small and so children possibly have swollen this toy without women’ care. Some children were sent to the hospital when eating up this toy. Additionally, some toys are armed with detachable LED that will pose a risk to children. Therefore, safety is the most crucial thing parents should concern.

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