It is a risk of play with your finger spinner in some dangerous ways in Hong kong

It is a risk of play with your finger spinner in some dangerous ways in Hong kong

According to Hong Kong “Da Gong Newspaper” report, Hong Kong finger spinners to upsurge, each the size of the toy shop stores, about 10 yuan a, cheap and easy to play, buy a lot of parents to their children. But there is a lot of excitement in the pursuit of a new game, such as cutting bananas with razorblades and turning the flame into a “fire wheel”. Engineers have found that the new method of “mutants” has at least four major risks, including: firing a fireball, snatching a fire, cutting a hand, and hurting your eyes. There are tutors on behalf of worried children who follow the “variant” method, calling on parents to heed and plan for guidance.
The common play of the finger spinner is to press the top of the finger spinner of the head, and then move it to rotate and make a lasting turn. If you go to the first class, someone will play with the fancy, switch positions in one hand, or fly in the left and right. However, there are players in the United States and Taiwan unwilling insipid, developed “variant” game, joined the blades, for cutting sausage and bananas, and even play it “fire”, join over the firewater cotton, could become a “hot wheels” gyro. The players are in danger of being exposed to the Internet in a short video demonstration game.

According to the method of online video, “HK” detective Galileo, department of mechanical engineering, the Hong Kong polytechnic university, a former engineer Lu Jiao strong test, the “blade” style, with tape fixed blade, dial the rotation on the table, according to the results to the top of the banana slices, and if the finger was rapidly rotating blade to cut, could bleed profusely. Another “flame” test, the reporter tests in cotton into grooves, drizzle from pharmacy bought poison firewater, reoccupy lighters ignition, in dark environment, fingertips gyro is become “hot wheels”.
Lu Jiao refers to, “blade” and “fire” play all have potential risks, although the degree of rotating blade to cut left fingers, but could still cut finger imperceptible blood-vessel, lead to bleeding, and blade in the turns may not stable, if fly out injured eyes, consequence is unimaginable. As for “flame”, the danger is higher, and if the flame flies out, it will burn other objects. During the test, the disinfectant was placed next to him, and he specifically warned that the “volatile gas” could fire at any moment, causing an explosion.
Western parent-teacher association federation President Ding Baixi believe that child curious, it is easy to search on the net to dangerous “variants play”, if pure fingers turn the gyro, or general fancy, boredom and flexible finger exercises, he did not oppose, but if join the blade and flame, it is very dangerous.
After he said about “variants play” smell, has instant to attend elementary school sixth grade son of risk, later will also be recommended to the school and 18 districts parent-teacher association issued a guidance, called for the school and parents, etc.
Kowloon city parent-teacher association Chen Fengwen also to “variants play” expressed concern, she said, the association earlier bought a batch of fingertip gyro, for a prefect carnival held early next month, according to online “variants play”, its distributed later when will remind volunteers to make a warm prompt. She stressed that not against children play fingertips gyro, children creative, might come up with different fancy, but must pay attention to the environment, “I’ve seen have children play in the school gate, if accidentally dropped out of the next to the road of packing, consequences!” She reminded the students that the finger spinner was a toy, which was not usually brought into the campus.



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