Satan’s favorite toy

Satan’s favorite toy

For many it was a simple toy for children and teenagers. Only some people noticed that in her insurrection was the same evil spirit.
Last year nobody had heard of a spinning toy. Only recently has the “fidget spinner” become a bestseller. The principle of its operation is simple: a three-blade propeller adjusted to the size of the fingers rotates around a centrally mounted bearing. The gyroscope mechanism is responsible for everything.
The toy was intended to have a therapeutic effect: to soothe and intensify the concentration especially in children with ADHD. Research has never been confirmed, but medical and therapeutic properties have become a hallmark of the gadget.
However, not only the scientists were interested in the gadget. For some Catholic circles, “fidget spinner” is a spiritual danger and a gate for Satan who wants to possess children. Is there really something to fear?

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                    Satan’s favorite toy image 1

Satan lurks around the corner
The fact that the toy has a connotation of the devil’s work appeared on The Biggest Reason on YouTube. What movies will we find there? Materials: proving conspiracy the satanists who have influenced the world governments to expose the effects of bad illuminati, presenting evidence of numerous masons among celebrities of the world’s format.
Following this information, some Catholic media have noted that the fast-moving toy is illusory to resemble three sixs, so the sign of the beast and the biblical figure, which is a symbol of all evil. I checked, I searched the web for films showing her action, the sign of Satan I did not notice.
It is hard not to think that this is another thesis that has been “patched” into the popular toy. And it always happens for one of two reasons: either marketing and blowing popularity, or trying to stop selling. Only that the second action drives the first.
A similar effect was observed in Hello Kitty a few years ago. Satisfied with the appearance of the creature was supposed to have satanic origin, to be a relaxed image of the demon and a spiritual danger to children who unwittingly came into possession of something with her image.
Was it the case with Harry Potter, whose charismatic Polish cleric was suspected of being a satanic influence on minors, and the reading of the book itself had the effect of possessed or spiritual slavery? Or the pacifiers, whose wearing was identified with admitting to satanism, because after all, the pacifist is nothing but the inverted cross.

Satan's favorite toy image 2

                 Satan’s favorite toy image 2

Wrong approach
Examples in which an item or story becomes unaware of the devil’s dangers may be cited a few more. In each of them the principle is the same. Something that has not been noticed and does not raise much emotion is raised to the most important indicator of our faith or of unbelief, devotion to God or to Satan.
It is difficult to agree with a thesis that assumes that if an object is suspected of being “satanic”, the same touch or interest in it will cause my possession or spiritual torment.
Magic belief in the power of objects is not good and can lead to abuse. And here is also the devotional. The cross or the medal do not defend themselves from sin, but the faith in God, which they remind us of.
Like relics. A bone fragment does not have magical healing properties in itself, but the relationship we associate with him with a particular saint can lead to the healing that God gives through his intercession.
Evil, Satan, sin can act in man as far as we allow it. It does not happen automatically, magically and without our will.
The danger is, but in another place
We see Satan in seemingly trivial things, focusing on dangers and fear instead of looking for good and his actions in the world. As if the devil always had the last word and belonged to the whole world. The church speaks of something completely different.
And here comes the problem, because silly (I write with full responsibility) talking about Satan and the dangers associated with it can lead to ridicule the Christian vision of the devil and hell, and consequently to the lack of faith in the existence of the evil spirit and the fact that he may be interested in man .
The “spider fidget” case only confirmed this. The media was like this: The Church believes that a toy for children is an invention of Satan. Will this person seriously treat what we have to say in matters of faith? Silly talking about God and Satan leads to ridicule. And we are putting ourselves here. There is no need for this impure force.
Because the dangers associated with the devil’s actions exist and must be talked about calmly but with responsibility. For example, as did the new coordinator of exorcists in Poland.
“The absence of the sacraments and the occult are the two things that open up to the evil spirit the quickest and can lead to enslavement.

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