Scam with the top

Scam with the top

It is a rage in schools, where it is sometimes prohibited. Does the top of the hand really have the virtues that are lent to it?
The hand top, this very popular gadget supposed to help some children to concentrate, sows the zizanie in the schools, more and more to prohibit it. This small top, also called in English hand spinner or fidget spinner, has been designed, it is said, to alleviate the need for movement of young people struggling with attention deficit or autism.
The catch? For an object to play this role of concentration aid, it must be possible to be manipulated mechanically, according to specialists in these behavioral disorders. Younger owners of hand tops spend their time playing with and comparing their models, which distracts them rather than helping them.
No scientific studies have been published on the effects of this top, nor in children with attention deficit disorder nor in those with autism spectrum disorder. Moreover, many students simply do not need this kind of object, since these two disorders affect less than one in 10 children.

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