Spinner: The Game That Distressed

Spinner: The Game That Distressed

This is the new trend of recreational courts in Israel but it has also fallen into the hands of the biggest and it is not uncommon to see soldiers compete against it. It has also seduced Europe, Belgium stocks are exhausted, and should soon conquer the whole world. The Spinner. A kind of top that can rotate up to 4 minutes. A playful gadget with soothing virtues created in the late 90s to help autistic and hyperactive people. Simply concentrating on the moving object alleviates ADHD-related disorders.
Today, the top rotates everywhere. Even on Amazon where she figures in the top 50 best selling toys. It is a matter of making figures such as moving the top from one hand to the other without stopping to turn. And to get inspired, just click on Youtube. So why is the Spinner in the Israel pages of your newspaper? Well, it would be linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is what the American Catherine Hittinger, who claims the idea, asserts. By seeing young Palestinians throwing stones at Israeli policemen while on vacation in Israel in the 1980s, she imagines this top to help them contain their aggressiveness. “I wanted, in my own way, to contribute to the solution of the conflict,” she said. She registers the idea, produces the product but due to lack of funds does not manage to produce it en masse nor to renew, 8 years ago, her license. The idea is then released and recovered by industrialists who just come out with a success that gives the spin.

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