Spinners of L’Isle-Verte turn heads

Spinners of L’Isle-Verte turn heads

The madness of the “hand spinners”, these little spheres, real spinning tops, that young people spin between their fingers has won the region for a few weeks already. But here is a wooden model realized by Sébastien Toussaint of Atelier Unik-Art of L’Isle-Verte arouses a real enthusiasm.
“Basically, it was a challenge. My kids always want to have spinners. I told my guy that I could do it, but he put me back on the nose that every time I do not do it. “It needed nothing more than for Sébastien to pass from the floor To acts. Never underestimate the pride of a father who in addition proves to be a talented craftsman.

Spinners of L'Isle-Verte turn heads image

Spinners of L’Isle-Verte turn heads image

He therefore designed two, starting from ball bearings recovered from an old scooter. As soon as the photographs and a short video are published on the Facebook page of his workshop, the spinning tops are buzzing. “I hoped for some reactions, but without pretensions. But it has become viral, “says the artisan, laughing.
In a few hours, the video is viewed several thousand times and sometimes insistent demands to acquire it flow from all over the province. “It came out. There I said holà. I was not prepared, I had not calculated the time spent in the making and the “bearings” were recovered from an old scooter. I had to know how much each spinner would be. ”
Obviously, a wooden design and production of a craftsman Isle-Vertois can not compete with a “Chinese shop” sold at less than five dollars in supermarkets. But even to the artisan’s surprise, interest has been maintained, and even more insistent.
“So I did my homework, I went back to the drawing board, to improve the product, the grip, the weight. I ordered 40 high-quality ball bearings and … here we are, I’m in the third version, the final version, “says Sébastien Toussaint pointing a stack of wooden hand spinners.
During our stay, the artisan was in the packaging. Hand spinners from L’Isle-Verte to the conquest of the world? The principal interested burst out laughing. “I made 40, we’ll start with those. I am not targeting mass production. They’re a bit of collectors. ”
To get one, just visit the Etsy page of Atelier Unik-Art.
The hand spinners were created to help the concentration, especially young people with ADHD. Like anti-stress balls, they can also help relax in stressful situations.
These little stunts stormed the schoolyards as early as spring 2017. An imbroglio surrounds the paternity of these gadgets. The name of Catherine Hettinger is the one that emerges most often, but this paternity is today contested.
The principle of the hand spinner is simple. It is a matter of placing the center of the router between the thumb and index finger and making it rotate as long as possible while sliding it from one finger to the other.
If there are many models, Atelier Unik-Art stands out because of its wooden design (excluding ball bearings).

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