Spinning-Spinning Hand spinners become a new way to de-pressure

Spinning-Spinning Hand spinners become a new way to de-pressure

Under the pressure of fast pace and high intensity, buying some novel pressure relief toys to relieve the pressure, become a hobby of many workers. Recently, a kind of decompression toy called the hand spinner is a simple design, and the design is new and has gained many people’s love.
The “hand spinner”, which is a big hit, attracts a lot of attention
The pressure-relief toy, called the finger spinner, is a toy that can be turned on the finger by bearings. At first, there are two lobes, and the player USES the double finger to hold the middle part of the shaft. There are also three leaves on the market.

In addition, some players create several senior play, swap positions such as the one hand, four fingers in turn relay, volley fly to meet with your left and right hand, on other objects rotate, etc.
In price, the unit price of this kind of toy is from several dollars to thousands of yuan.
In addition to the novel and fun, the tip of the finger which can help users focus, gyro has been marketing help attention deficit disorder, adhd, anxiety, and people with autism relief purposes.
Xiao Chen is working in a foreign corporation fingertips gyro lovers, he said, from the first to buy a fingertip gyro began, he has collected more than a dozen large and small finger tip top. “At first, it was a novelty, and unlike other toys, it really felt like it was helping to relax your nerves.”
There are many kinds of stress relief toys, but they are short-lived
In addition to the top of your fingertips, there is a lot of relief toys. For example, the cube can roll, press, rub, rotate and slide. A stress-busting toy that is made into a variety of cartoon or everyday items, as long as you squeeze a portion of the toy, will highlight it and let the player vent. A “screaming chicken” toy that can be automatically restored to its original form after a crash. Some of these stress relief toys are paid for by office workers, as well as by parents who buy their children to ease the stress of learning.
Ciro’s psychological consultation institutions of the psychological consultant, in his view the white-collar in the high strength work under pressure, feel exhaustion of body and mind thereby by buying decompression toy to release the pressure is not wrong, but in effect too short. There is a certain level of catharsis that can be achieved in emotional terms, but there is no effect on the root of the psychological problem.
“Always relying on catharsis, but not solving the problem from the root cause, it will only lead to an increase in demand, and the increase in frequency will not be good for you.” Ciro advice, if you feel stress in the work life, edify sentiment, and develop interest in multi-channel to relieve pressure, using half an hour or an hour a day for a walk, read a book, can receive better effect.

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