Success among children, hand spinner challenges in maneuvers

Success among children, hand spinner challenges in maneuvers

A new toy has caused an uproar among children and the more curious is that it is something simple and does not involve the area of information technology. In fact, because the little ones are leaving tablets and cell phones aside. This is the hand spinner or hand spinner. And what is this little object so cool about? The challenge of maneuvering! You can do several of them: hold between your fingers, put on the elbow, the knee, the tip of the nose, tiptoe … The feeling is to make the toy keep turning for as long as possible without falling.
Planning a championship
Girls and boys have the toy everywhere: at home, on family outings, and even at school. In the teaching units, the hand spinner has a free pass on the day of the toy, on other dates the children make use of the time of arrival (still in front of the school gate, while waiting to enter), at the playground and also at the time of departure. Everyone always finds a little time, between one thing and another, to do the maneuvers again.
The joke involves everyone and that’s why it’s so much fun. Dirceu Marques Neto, 10, says he is planning to do even a championship at school. The idea is that it is a serious dispute, even because whoever loses will have to pay tribute.
Neto said he even started a WhatsApp group to organize the championship but ended up not working. He remains eager to promote the dispute and is expected to be held later this year. “A lot of people like this toy because they can play at all times and it also helps to pass the time,” he says.
He just does not believe that the hand spinner calms down, as has been reported. “Speaking people talk, but I think there are times that make the person more agitated. My father, for example, when he misses the maneuver, he gets angry.”
Neto manages to do many things with the toy, such as moving from finger to finger, playing the hand, putting on the knee, balancing on the tip of the foot, nose, forehead, elbow … ” It’s cool to see spinning, “he says, who loves challenges.

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