Sweeping the list of toys in Europe and America—Finger Spinner

Sweeping the list of toys in Europe and America—Finger Spinner

Sweeping the list of toys in Europe and America—Finger Spinner-2

Recently, the tip of the tip has “swept” the European and European toy markets. “You can’t describe it, as if it can move you up to the sky,” says one eBay shopper in a tip of the top of a tip.

The best selling category of Amazon’s products, Toys, is the “Finger Spinner”. And at eBay America,

Sweeping the list of toys in Europe and America—Finger Spinner-1

sales of the top of your fingertips have been growing in April.

You may not even be able to smell a business opportunity, or even just hear it from someone else, or you’ve heard it for the first time. This is because each point is almost a limited number of gyroscopes, which is quickly sold out after the sale. Torqbar, which was originally priced at 139, has been sold abroad for about 2,000 RMB!!!

According to a psychiatrist, gyro rotational movement for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder patients develop concentration has a great role, at the same time, to ease the mental stress and kick the habit, alcoholism and other non physical dependence disease disease have certain supplementary role.

In addition, the tip of the finger gyro small volume, convenient to carry, and can be processed into different shapes and chimeric decorative elements, like custom jewelry, pendant, great artistic feeling, also can meet the demand of unique custom.

It’s not an accident that the tops of the tops of the tops are all the rage, and how the top suppliers are going to take advantage of this exclusive business opportunity:

1  Emphasis on design and process quality

The popularity of fingertips gyroscopes has a lot to do with its ability to create an individual’s artistic sense and meet individual needs. The supplier at the time of development need, therefore, in particular, pay attention to design and process quality, meet the modern consumer demand for small objects on show individual grade, at the same time, some can customize according to individual be fond of free optional design will also be big points. In addition, the safety test specification of individual countries and regions also needs to be studied closely, and only by design and quality can we get ahead in the market.

2  Online promotion is imperative

Fingertips gyro has become a hot word of social media, foreign video web site on the fingertips of gyro total video hits have breakthrough, the tip of the finger gyro is introduced, fingertips gyro tricks, fingertips gyro DIY and other types of video can easily gain hundreds of thousands of views. To capture the eye of consumers and even buyers, online promotion is essential.



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