Teenagers tear away this toy already banned in the USA

Teenagers tear away this toy already banned in the USA

The “hand spinner”, a sort of spinning tops, is invading the playgrounds. This gadget was originally used to help children with removing autism. How has it become a fashionable toy, which is all the rage in all children. Why do schools in the United Stated ban this toy? The “hand spinner” (literally “rotating object”) is a small plastic toy that is held by the middle area with two fingers to rotate it. It is then possible to rotate its fins, which all contain a weight, for about thirty seconds. The most sophisticated models can run up to four minutes.

For those who wonder about the functioning of this object, a little physics course is required. This structure is, in fact, connected to the central axis via a ball bearing. Its tapered shape allows the whole to turn without having to give impulse. Magic !

Where is that from ?

In 1993 in Orlando in the United States, Catherine Hettinger, is looking for a simple and inexpensive way to entertain her 7 year old daughter. She invented the first hand spinner.

Faced with the craze, the American began to market her invention, having sold more than a thousand pieces. The object first conquers playgrounds and then becomes popular with all audiences and all age groups in the United States.

Teenagers tear away this toy already banned in the USA image 1

Teenagers tear away this toy already banned in the USA image 1

Why teenagers love it?

“Hand spinner” would benefit children with autism. The object would have allowed these children who have so much difficulty to establish relations with their comrades, to socialize by playing with them around these “fidpin spinners”.

But this modern top is a rage in all children. The magnitude of the phenomenon is impressive, as one mother of the American HuffPost explains: “It’s as if all of a sudden, everyone wanted to become autistic.”

Since then, “hand spinners” have also landed in the Hexagon, invading in turn the courts of recreation. The object would, according to their users, better channel attention, promote concentration and alleviate stress with a “soothing”, “satisfying” effect, because the toy, turning very quickly, creates a pleasant effect And also makes no noise.

However, for neuropsychologist Benoît Hammarrenger, there is no reason to assert that the object is an aid to concentration: “At the moment, there is not much that proves the effectiveness of these tools. Rather still at the gadget stage on which young people are having fun at the moment, “he tempers on the CBC website.

Why is it already banned in American schools?

Having been present for a few years in the American recreation classes, the hand spinners quickly crossed the door of the classrooms. A phenomenon that did not escape the professors who began to see in this object a source of distraction during the courses. The schools have even begun banning them.

Teenagers tear away this toy already banned in the USA image 2

Teenagers tear away this toy already banned in the USA image 2

At the Chicago Tribune, the head of a school in the city explains that “hand spinners have the opposite effect of what they announce” and that children prefer to exchange them rather than write.

A school in Brooklyn also had to impose a ban because the students were tossing the toys on their comrades, the Canadian HuffPost said. “They are small, but they can seriously hurt someone,” the school said on its website.

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