The brass or stainless steel hand spinner-you worth it

The brass or stainless steel hand spinner-you worth it

Last week, I asked my friends if he knew a fashionable play toy – hand spinner, he responded:” no, I never heard about it until last night, when my child had one and played it”. Right, the little toy is becoming this year’s leading toy in the world and is catching people’s attention. These toys come in different colors and various shapes and fill our life with fun and color.

Now, I will introduce brass or stainless steel used in a hand spinner to you. Firstly, let’ take a look at its material, including brass and stainless steel. More importantly, a high-quality fidget spinner should have good weight, long spin duration and good materials. The cheap materials can cause many problems, including an unpleasant experience. For example,  if you use a fidget spinner made of cheap materials, you will hear some noise when spin it. Then You will never buy it for its noise. In fact,  poor-quality materials will increase the friction between prolonged blade and bearing, which creates some noise and reduces spinning time. Therefore, we should choose a hand spinner with good-quality material.

Materials of the hand spinner vary, but now I will introduce brass and stainless steel material to you. These two materials are slightly lighter than other materials (such as copper), so people, especially for a little kid, can carry around it easily all day, that’s to say, you can rotate it anywhere and anytime. A brass or stainless hand spinner boasts a mega four minutes when you get it right.

Additionally, Brass is generally used as the cover of the hand spinner because of its similarity to gold and relatively good resistance to corrosion and workability. The most famous various percussion instruments are made of brass, including notably cymbals, gongs, and orchestral (tubular) bells (large “church” bells are normally made of bronze). Small handbells and “jingle bells” are also made of brass. Brass is the most economical choice.  What’ more, the brass used in the hand spinner can make the toy fit in your hand palm firmly, especially when you spin it at a high speed. This spinner will be sold in brass and stainless steel at a fairly low-cost price.

I am very curious about its design when  firstly see this toy. It is a shape of tree rings in its rotational blade. Generally speaking, growth rings (also referred to as tree rings or annual rings), can be seen in a horizontal cross section cut through the trunk of a tree and it measures the exact year these trees were formed. But in fact, the pattern of tree rings of this hand spinner is so simple but yet exquisite, and you realize that workers concentrate on making this product to present you with a perfect toy.

Material: Brass or stainless steel

Bearing: R188 changeable bearing

Spin time:  at least 4 mins

Color: Brass or sliver


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